Most popular nail polish shades of Spring 2023

In case you missed it, in the `Most popular shades of…’ series I’m revisiting the five most popular shades of the previous season. I base the popularity on the amount of repins each shade gets on my Pinterest. I basically started this series as an excuse to revisit some of my older shades. It was basically an excuse to wear shades that I often saw on my Pinterest but had already swatched. You can find my previous editions over here:

As you can see, this post in the series is the fourth one, which means I have kept it up for an entire year! To be honest, I almost wanted to skip this edition of ‘Most popular shades of…’. I really had some severe doubts if I had to continue with this series. The reason I almost wanted to give up, is that there isn’t much color evolution between the posts, and there is also some circularity. Shades that were popular for Summer 2022, suddenly also became popular again in Spring 2023. On the other hand, usually I love the shades that are in these posts and they are usually my personal favorites too, so it has been super fun to do this!

Anyway, these shades were the five most popular shades according to my Pinterest users:

5.OPI Less is norse

OPI Less is norse has been featured in almost every edition of this post so far. It wasn’t super popular for summer 2022, but it showed up in the editions for fall and winter. It did become a bit less popular for spring, so my guess is that the shade will not make it in the summer 2023 edition. But I agree with all Pinterest users, this is a gorgeous shade!

In case you’re wondering, Less is norse was originally released for OPI’s Iceland collection for Fall 2017, but is now part of OPI’s permanent collection and should be easy to find. It has an amazing formula, and I love the greyed out blue shade!

4. Essie Break it sundown

I also wasn’t super surprised to see Essie Break it sundown. Break it sundown was super popular last year in summer, so I wasn’t surprised to see it reappear in this list. I think it’s not surprising it took a small break for fall and winter, because it is a typical summer color. It has a phenomenal formula, and the color is just stunning. Break it sundown was released as part of the Summer 2022 collection, and I think it was the must-have shade from that collection.

In case you’re looking for Break it sundown: Break it sundown was a limited edition, it might still be available in some stores. If you want this shade, and you still find it; don’t sleep on it!

3. Essie You know the espadrille

Essie You know the espadrille is the only newcomer in this list. I was quite surprised to see it since it had already been released for Spring 2021. I didn’t really have the feeling it was that popular back then. I do have to admit that I had to push myself a bit to wear it again (somehow the shade didn’t really look that appealing in the bottle to me). However, once it was on my nails, I did really like it. For a yellow, this shade was also super easy to apply and it was opaque in two coats.

You know the espadrille is another shade that wasn’t added to Essie’s permanent collection. I’m not sure how difficult it is to find it, but if you want this shade, I also wouldn’t sleep on it.

2. OPI From dusk til dune

This is the second time OPI From dusk til dune is featured in this series, and I hope it’s here to stay. OPI From dusk til dune is one of my favorite sheer shades ever. I’m not sure if you can actually see it in the picture, but it has this gorgeous sheer, light pink base and it’s filled with iridescent flakes. In real life, it looks so much prettier and more delicate than in this picture.

If my information is correct, From dusk til dune became one of OPI’s core colors, so it should still be easy to find this shade.

1. Essie Win me over

So, for the fourth time in a row, Essie Win me over is the most pinned shade in my Pinterest stats. At this point, I’m really not sure why this shade is so popular, but I love this shade too so I’m not complaining. Maybe it’s simply because it’s great for every season? Maybe it’s because you don’t see a shade like this often. The reason I personally love Win me over is that it’s a quite unique, not-too-dark green. It has a super nice formula. There is basically no reason to hate this shade! My guess is that Win me over will still be the #1 for next season, but we will have to wait and see!

Win me over is added to Essie’s permanent collection and should be easy to find in stores with a larger Essie selection.


Another ‘interesting’ round of popular shades. I definitely expected more pastels for spring, or maybe even more pinks. I have the feeling that most shades in the list are not your ‘typical’ spring shades.

My prediction for summer will be that Essie Win me over will still be first, but my guess is that we’ll also be seeing lots of Barbie pinks!

2 thoughts on “Most popular nail polish shades of Spring 2023”

  1. I enjoy seeing these posts. I own three of the colors listed, but I don’t wear any of them in spring.

    I was looking up Morgan Taylor’s fall 2023 collection, Change of Pace, and ran across two different color sets for the same collection. They were both on the same website, so I’m extremely confused. I initially thought one might be for US release and one for Europe, but why would a U.S. site offer a European collection? I will be interested to see what you find.

    Here are the colors

    • Dew Me A Favor – Ivory Pearl
    • Stay Of The Trail – Soft Taupe Crème
    • Lost My Terrain Of Thought – Rose Mauve Crème
    • Sappy But Sweet – Fuchsia Berry Crème
    • Golden Hour Glow – Golden Yellow Pearl
    • All Good In The Woods – Cedar Brown Crème


    • Dew Me A Favor – Ivory Pearl
    • Stay Of The Trail – Lavender Grey Crème
    • Lost My Terrain Of Thought – Khaki Green Crème
    • Sappy But Sweet – Fuchsia Berry Pearl
    • Golden Hour Glow – Golden Yellow Pearl
    • All Good In The Woods – Black Shimmer

    1. Hold up, wait? I think I found the same website, this is so strange! Literally the same shade names but the color is completely different! So strange!

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