Swatches of the Essie Summer 2022 ‘Isle see you later’ collection

I’ve officially moved on to swatching summer collections! Today it is time for the Essie Summer 2022 collection called ‘Isle see you later’. The collection consists of six new shades. Five are cremes, and one is a duochrome shimmer. I really admired the initial pictures of the collection, but they are never 100% the true color. I was actually positively surprised when I saw these colors in real life. On the one hand, the collection kind of feels like a random bunch of colors, but there is something in here for everyone! There are bright summer colors, a neutral, a shimmer, and a muted color for the end of summer. Let’s take a look at the swatches!

Essie Isle see you later

Essie Isle see you later

Essie Isle see you later is the namesake of the collection. The color is described by Essie as ‘a vibrant magenta cream’. In my opinion, this shade is just a vibrant pink. The color is very nice and vibrant (but not neon), and has an incredible shine. The color is just perfect for summer, and definitely makes me happy. I can definitely see myself drinking a cocktail on the beach while wearing this color. Also, the application is flawless, covering in two easy coats.

Essie Isle see you later compared to Essie B’aha moment, Essie Haute in the heat and Essie Mod Square

I don’t have a lot of shades that are exact dupes for Isle see you later. However, I wouldn’t say that this is the most unique color in the world. The closest color I own is probably B’aha moment, but it is darker and contains slightly more red. Essie haute in the heat contains also more red. I thought that Essie Mod square would be a dupe, but it is much lighter than Isle see you later. Still, I think Essie might have released similar shades in the past.

Essie Tropic low

Essie Tropic low

You either hate Tropic low, or you love it. But either way, it is definitely a unique color. Essie describes Tropic low as a mossy green duochrome. I definitely also see some gold myself. I did not expect this color in a summer collection, I get more fall vibes. But I can definitely see myself wear it in summer too. The formula was nice, but the shade is a bit sheer on the first coat. At two coats it more or less covered, but it becomes more intense with three coats. Therefore, I’m wearing three coats in the pictures.

Essie Sweater weather vs Essie Tropic low vs Essie High voltage vinyl

Clearly, I have no dupes for Tropic low. Essie Sweater weather is probably the closest that I own. However, it is darker and a different shade of green. Essie High voltage vinyl is probably my favorite, but is much darker. They are all just really different, and it is definitely worth it to own them all.

Essie Coconuts for you

Coconuts for you is described by Essie as a warm, neutral tan with red undertones. I would personally describe it as a light caramel, or fudge color. I’m kind of surprised to see this shade in a summer collection since it definitely gives me fall vibes. On the other hand, it is just a great neutral, so great for any time of year. I definitely like it more on the nail than I expected, and probably will reach for it when I want something neutral.

The formula was again very nice and opaque, covering in two coats.

Essie On the bright cider vs Essie Coconuts for you vs Essie You know the Espadrille vs Essie Keep branching out

Somehow I expected that Coconuts for you would be close to Essie Keep branching out (from the Spring 2022 collection). However, I have probably never been more wrong. Keep branching out contains a lot more grey and white than Coconuts for you, and once you compare both shades, it becomes clear that they are not dupes at all. I would describe Coconuts for you as a lighter version of On the bright cider. Essie You know the Espadrille is obviously more yellow. I’m still curious myself how Coconuts will compare to Essie Kaf-tan, but I think Kaf-tan will be slightly darker.

Essie Revenge’s a beach

According to Essie, Revenge’s a beach is a muted, dirty teal with yellow undertones. It’s also not a color I would have expected in a summer collection, but I can see how it works. It’s a very nice shade, and I know I will reach for it a lot. The formula was extremely opaque. On some nails I was able to get away with one coats, but 2 coats were definitely enough.

The shade that immediately popped into my mind was Essie’s Garden Variety from Spring 2015. In real life Revenge’s a beach and Garden variety differ a bit more than my picture shows, but still, they are the closest. Garden variety contains slightly more green and is a bit brighter than Revenge’s a beach. Essie Amuse contains more lue than Revenge’s a beach, and Feelin’ amped is a lot darker. I don’t own Essie Rome around from the keep you posted collection, but apparently it is also pretty close to Revenge’s a beach.

Essie Break it sundown

Essie Break it sundown

Essie Break it sundown is a vibrant orange with yellow undertones. This is such a vibrant and happy color, and at the same time it reminds me of egg yolk. I definitely love it, but it’s definitely not for people who like subtle colors. This shade will be noticed.

For a yellow, this shade had an incredibly nice formula. It almost covered with two coats, but to get the color I saw in the bottle I needed three coats. It was no problem because this color was very easy to apply.

Obviously, I don’t have colors that are close to Break it sundown. Essie you know the espadrille is more a dusty-brown tone. OPI Marigolden hour is probably the closest shade that I have, but leans more yellow. Essie Don’t be spotted is a lot more orange (and contains shimmer obviously).

Essie Set the tiki bar high

Essie Set the tiki bar high

Essie Set the tiki bar high is a deep vibrant purple with red undertones (again, Essie’s words). It’s a very pretty medium purple, and vibrant is indeed the right term to describe it.

The formula is super nice, and dries super shiny. I would describe it as a crelly, but at the same time it is opaque in two coats.

OPI N00berry vs Essie Set the tiki bar high vs Essie Swoon in the lagoon vs Essie Designated DJ

My most requested comparison was Essie Berlin the club from the Keep you posted collection, but sadly, I do not own that shade. My guess would be that Set the tiki bar high is a bit more vibrant, but that’s just a wild guess. Of the shades that I own OPI N00berry is the closest. Essie Swoon in the lagoon is more pink and Essie designated DJ is darker.

Conclusion & Availability

The entire Essie Summer 2022 collection

Although I’m not in a summer mood yet, I genuinely enjoyed swatching this collection. There were a few surprise shades, like Tropic low and Break it sundown. But also a couple of good summer staples like Set the tiki bar high and Isle see you later. Revenge’s a beach and Coconus for you are nice for the end of summer.

The collection will probably be slowly released everywhere. I already found it on Amazon US over here (affiliate link) and on Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link), I also heard people finding it at CVS. I purchased them myself from the German store DM (with a little help from Mrs Cgn). They are also now available on over here (a UK based website, but also ships to the US, Germany and France, not an affiliate link).

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. Meaning that if you buy a product through one of these links, I might receive compensation at no additional cost to you. I marked all affiliate links clearly with the label “affiliate link”, all other links are regular links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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