Essie Handmade with love (Summer 2022)

I’m still working on the swatches of Essie’s Summer 2022 collection (coming soon, promised). But Essie already decided to move on to a new collection called ‘Handmade with love’. The collection is going to be a nine-piece collection in the US, a six-piece collection in Europe, and a three-piece collection in the UK.

This is Essie’s official description:

Handmade With Love collection featuring 9 mid-toned and vibrant cream shades, designed to spark creativity and joyful self-expression all year long.

The nine shades are going to be called:

  • In pursuit of craftiness (A light purple creme)
  • Pencil me in (A magenta pink)
  • Crochet Away (A brown creme)
  • To DIY for (A rusty orange)
  • Handmade with love (A red creme)
  • Piece of work (A lime green creme)
  • Cut it out (US-only, a light grey/off white creme)
  • Paintbrush it off (US-only, a light brown)
  • Sew gifted (US-only, a light peachy creme)
Essie Handmade with love collection for summer 2022

I’m really in love with this collection, and in fact, I have already swatched the six European shades that are available over here.

You can only pre-order this collection on Amazon DE over here (affiliate link) and Amazon Fr (not an affiliate link). On Amazon US (affiliate link) only some are available for pre-order, but I expect the others soon! Piece of work, Handmade with love, and Pencil me in are also available on over here (a UK-based website, not an affiliate link).

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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