Orly Summer 2022 (Pop!)

After the Orly breathable `Island hopping’ collection, it is now time for a sneak peek of the new Orly Summer 2022 collection called `Pop!’ I only found one picture so far. I don’t have a release date, I don’t know anything, except this picture. But, I have to say that a picture can say more than a thousand words, and this picture contains a lot of information!

Again, the collection is going to consist of six new shades. The names are going to be:

  • Just an illusion (A brass/gold holo topper)
  • Claim to fame (A yellow creme)
  • Connect the dots (A red creme)
  • Don’t pop my balloon (A pink shimmer)
  • Crash the part (A purple creme)
  • Rinse & repeat (A cyan creme)

As the description of the picture also says, this collection is clearly dedicated to pop art. I definitely like this collection, but I’m always a bit careful. Shades may look quite different from these pictures, so I’m super curious how it will look in real life. At least my first impression is positive, these bright shades are always great for summer!

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