Swatches of the Essie Movin’ and Groovin’ collection (Spring 2022)

Essie Movin’ and Groovin’ collection

It took me a while to get my hands on this collection, but I finally have it! Essie’s Movin’ and Groovin’ collection was originally released as a Target exclusive collection in the US back in February but is also being released in Europe now. In case you missed it, you can read the details over here in this post.

The collection consists, as usual, of six new shades, and is inspired by a groovy joyride with your besties (according to Essie). I first thought about skipping this collection, but it turns out that there were some pretty unique shades, so I bought the entire collection. Let’s just continue with the swatches!

Essie Love yourself to pieces

Essie Love yourself to peaces

The first one is Essie Love yourself to peaces. According to Essie, this is a vibrant pink with coral undertones, but to my it just looks like a coral. I’m wearing three coats in the picture, but if you use thicker coats you might get away with two coats. The formula was very easy to apply, so it was no problem to do three coats.

Essie Don’t kid yourself vs Essie Love yourself to peaces vs OPI Time for a Napa vs Essie Check in to check out

I used to be a huge lover of coral nail polish, so I already was afraid that I might own some dupes. Essie’s Don’t kid yourself from last year’s winter collection is very close to love yourself to peaces. Don’t kid yourself is a little bit more orange, and that’s why I like Love yourself to peaces a little bit more. OPI Time for a Napa is probably the closest shade I own. If I would have known that Love yourself to peaces was that close, I wouldn’t have picked it up. Time for a Napa has a slightly watery formula and is slightly lighter, but that’s the only difference. Essie Check in to check out is not a dupe and contains more orange.

Essie Flare for fun

Essie Flare for fun

Essie Flare for fun is described on Essie’s website as a muted denim blue nail polish with yellow undertones. This shade indeed immediately reminded me of denim. I definitely love it! The best part is that this shade has an incredible formula. It was already opaque in one coat (although I did two for the picture).

Essie Amuse me vs Essie Flare for fun vs Essie Coat Azure vs Essie Toned down

I have a ton of comparisons for this one, so I hope that you’re ready. First of all, I was very curious how this shade would compare to Essie Amuse me, which was released last summer. Amuse me leans a bit more green, while Essie Flare for fun leans a bit more purple. I Although I liked Amuse me, I like Flare for fun a lot better. If I had to pick, I would definitely go for flare for fun. Essie Coat Azure is an oldie and contains shimmer, and is closer to Amuse me than to Flare for fun. Essie Toned down is just a lot darker than Essie Flare for fun.

Essie Expressie Air dry vs Essie Flare for fun vs Essie Mezmerised

I thought that Essie Expressie Air dry could be a dupe for Essie Flare for fun, but Air dry is darker. Essie You do blue is a lot brighter, and obviously contains pink shimmer. Essie Mezmerised is just a lot darker than Flare for fun to be a dupe.

All in all, I’m pretty surprised I don’t own any dupes for Flare for fun, because I love the color!

Essie Movin’ and Groovin’

Essie Movin’ and Groovin’

Essie Movin’ and Groovin’ is the namesake of the collection. I think an orange couldn’t be skipped in this collection. Essie calls it a vibrant orange cream with yellow undertones. I definitely agree with this description. I also feel like it contains a bit of white. The formula was good, but I needed three coats for opacity.

Essie Tangerine tease vs Essie Movin’ and Groovin’vs Essie Love all game vs Essie Feeling Wellies

I immediately had to think of Essie Tangerine tease from last year’s summer collection. Tangerine tease is a lot brighter and slightly darker than Movin’ and Groovin’. Essie’s Love all game from last year’s `Have a ball’ collection contains a bit more pink. Essie’s Feeling Wellies is obviously not a dupe because it contains too much white.

Essie Along for the vibe

Essie Along for the vibe

Essie along for the vibe is described as a dark mint green nail polish with blue undertones. I personally would call it a green or turquoise, but it indeed is a green that leans slightly blue. I definitely love this color, and I haven’t seen it often as a nail polish color! It’s definitely unique in my collection. I was also blown away because of the formula, it covered easily in two coats.

Essie On the roadie vs Essie Along for the vibe vs Essie Ruffles and Feathers vs Essie Naughty Nautical

To show you why I think Essie Along for the vibe is super unique, I picked the closest shades in my collection. Essie On the roadie is too much of a green with yellow undertones to be a dupe. Essie Ruffles and feathers is the same color as Along for the vibe, but is darker. I must admit that in all the time I’ve owned Ruffles and feathers, I have never worn it. I don’t like that Ruffles and feathers is so dark, and the formula is very watery. Along for the vibe took everything that I love about Ruggles and feathers, and ditched everything that I hated. Definitely a big improvement. Naughty nautical contains shimmer and is too blue to be a dupe.

Essie Keys to happiness

Essie Keys to Happiness

Essie Keys to Happiness is described as a strawberry red nail polish with yellow undertones. I personally would just call it an orange-leaning red nail polish. The formula is again phenomenal, It basically covered in one coat. But I did two coats for the picture anyway.

Essie Fifth avenue vs Essie Keys to happiness vs Essie Toy to the world vs Essie Sunset sneaks

Of course, I have some dupes for Keys to Happiness. Fifth avenue is extremely close. Fifth avenue is maybe a bit darker, but it is very difficult to see. In Europe, Fifth avenue is still a part of Essie’s permanent collection, but it is discontinued in the US. If you missed out on Fifth Avenue, Keys to happiness is a good dupe. Toy to the world and Sunset sneaks are both pinker, and not exactly dupes, but just close.

Comparison of Essie Handmade with love vs Essie Keys to happiness vs Essie Electric Geometric (GC) and Essie Color binge

After doing the first set of comparisons, I realized that I have more colors to compare. Essie Handmade with love is from the new Handmade with love collection, and is clearly lighter and more orange than Essie Keys to happiness. Essie Electric Geometric is close, but slightly darker than Essie Keys to happiness. Essie Color binge is very similar to Keys to happiness, and I would call them dupes. I found the formula of keys to happiness to be a little bit better though.

Essie Run wildflower

Essie Run Wildflower

Essie Run Wildflower is a soft purple with red undertones (according to Essie). I definitely love this shade. If it was up to me, Essie would release shades like this all the time. Again, the formula was very nice covering in two coats.

Essie Suits you swell vs Essie Run Wildflower vs Essie Spring in your step vs Essie Go Ginza

I’ve quite collected a couple of purples over the years, but none were super close to Essie Run wildflower. Essie Suits you swell is darker, although it looks quite close in the picture. Spring in your step has a similar base color to Run wildflower (maybe slightly darker), but also contains gold shimmer. Essie Go Ginza is much lighter than Run Wildflower. I’m super happy with Run Wildflower, and it is super unique in my collection!

Conclusion & Availability

I’m really impressed with the Movin’ and Groovin’ collection. The only shades that in hindsight I would have skipped are Movin’ and Groovin'(I’m just not that into orange, although it fits the collection), and Keys to happiness (just not unique enough for me). With the others, I’m super happy, and they complement my collection very well. Overall, it is a super happy and bright collection!

Now let’s discuss availability. In the US, this collection is a Target exclusive collection. In the UK, this collection was released last month, and should still be available (almost) everywhere. Here in Europe, I have found the collection on Zalando (not an affiliate link). I was told that the collection will also be available at DM, starting tomorrow. It can be a bit tricky to find this collection, but at least there are some different options!

2 thoughts on “Swatches of the Essie Movin’ and Groovin’ collection (Spring 2022)”

  1. Martha Williams

    Thanks for your comparisons! I’m wondering if you have a duplicate for Too too hot. My bottle has finally run out and I’m seeking the same shade of red. Not sure if keys of happiness is the same family of red? Many thanks!

    1. Ah I love ‘too too hot’! Keys of happiness is close, but contains a bit more orange than Too too hot. I would say it’s 80% a dupe. Shades that are closer in my collection are ‘Toy to the world’, ‘Electric geometric’, and ‘Ole caliente’. I would probably say that those colors are 90% dupes. All shades are basically in the same color family, and if you like one you’ll probably like the others! I hope this helps!

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