Orly Spring 2024 (Aqua Aura, Color pass spoiler!)

I’m personally always looking forward to seeing Orly’s seasonal collection, and this Spring it was no different! I have found some early spoilers from Orly’s Spring 2024 collection. The collection is going to be called Aqua Aura and consists of six new shades. The story behind the collection goes like this:

Float along Golden Waves with six new shades inspired by gentle waters. Dappled sun creates a Ripple Effect across this shimmering palette bringing life to the season. Fresh blues and teals are met with wistful pinks and a Sea Spray of golden hues. This spring, gaze at the Wistful Water Lily and dance barefoot in the Morning Dew.

The six new shades are going to be called:

  • Golden Waves (a pearly, multichrome bronze)
  • Morning dew (a turquoise with blue shimmer)
  • Wistful water lily (a pearlescent pink)
  • Sea blossom (a light pink creme)
  • Ripple effect (a blue with purple shimmer)
  • Sea spray (an off white, possibly with a pearlescent shimmer)
Orly Spring 2024

I haven’t been excited about an Orly collection in a while know, but this one really speaks to me. I’m not sure when the collection is going to be released but I think very soon (possibly the 1st of February!).

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