Random Holo Taco swatches, part 1

You might have noticed that it’s a bit more quiet here in terms of swatches. Where I used to post swatches quite often separately, I have decided that it might be nicer to group them in one post. Consequently, it’s a little quieter here, but don’t worry, I’m still working on swatches behind the scenes!

Today’s post is all about Holo Taco nail polish. The past year, I invested in my Holo Taco collection. I realized that some Holo Taco polishes get discontinued pretty soon, so the best time to pick them up is when they are still available at the Holo Taco website since eBay resellers will mark them up excessively.

You won’t be finding any Holo Taco’s cremes in this post. While I know many people love Holo Taco’s creme polishes, I can’t justify spending a lot of money on regular creme polishes, since I already own so many shades from Essie and OPI. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy this post!

Holo taco Black holo wish (discontinued)

Holo Taco Black Holo Wish is Holo Taco’s black glitter polish. This is not the first time I’m showing a Holo Taco glitter here on my blog, because I’ve swatched Midnight Spark here previously. It’s my favorite Holo Taco finish of all time. Holo Taco’s glitters consist of a tinted jelly base, and in that base, they have added glitters of different sizes in complementary colors (in this case black and silver). Holo Taco Glitters aren’t the easiest to work with they are a bit on the thick side and require a bit of a learning curve to apply. Removal is also a bit difficult, but it really helps a lot to use pure acetone or a peel-off base coat.

For Black Holo Wish, I needed three coats to reach full opacity and I found the glitters relatively easy to work with, but that might be personal.

While I was working on this post, Holo Taco announced that they would discontinue their entire Cristmas collection (including this one, Black Holo Wish). While these shades were always seasonal (meaning they were only for sale around Christmas), they will be entirely discontinued now. Some people online have speculated that it is because Holo Taco’s glitter formula is not super popular, or that it is because they are working on other similar shades. Either way, I’m pretty sad about it, but I’m happy that I could still get my hands on the entire Cristmas collection set.

Holo taco Gold play button (discontinued)

Holo Taco Gold Play Button is another polish from Holo Taco’s Cristmas collection and is therefore now also discontinued. Gold Play button is a gold glitter polish. It has a very light-tinted yellow base, and in that base you will find gold glitters of all different sizes. Again, I used three coats to reach opacity. The formula was a bit on the thicker side, but a bit of nail polish thinner works great!

Holo Taco Sunken secrets

Holo Taco’s Sunken Secrets has a linear holographic finish. It was part of Holo Taco’s Dark holo’s collection and is basically the dark version of Holo Taco Blue Freezie. I purchased this one with my reward points, and I honestly wouldn’t have quickly purchased it myself. The polish has a typical skunky smell that is common for blue nail polish. I hoped Sunken Secrets would be a very intense navy blue, but it just looks more like a muted jeans color to me.

I did enjoy the holographic effect of Sunken secrets and also the formula was VERY opaque. I’m wearing two coats in the pictures but I think one also would have worked.

Holo taco Play rose

Holo Taco Play rosé is another Holo Taco glitter, but this one is from Holo Taco’s Holoday collection. This means that Play rosé is still available (for now). Play rosé is described by Holo Taco as a rose gold glitter, but it actually looks very orange/copper on me. It wasn’t quite the color I expected it to be, but it’s still very cute.

The polish has a very sheer pink-orange base filled with pink-orange glitter. It was a little bit less opaque than Gold Play Button and Black Holo Wish, but I still could get away with three coats.

Holo Taco Curfew Crasher

This last one is probably my favorite polish from these five shades. This is Holo Taco Curfew Crasher, and it was released at the end of 2023. Curfew Crasher has a dusty purple base but is filled with iridescent gold-to-green shimmer and scattered holographic glitter. I really love this polish a lot, because it’s almost a neutral color, yet it’s special because of all the types of shimmer. The polish is actually surprisingly office-friendly while also have an interesting shimmer.

Even though my bottle of Curfew crasher is brand new, it actually had a bit of a thick formula. Next time I will definitely add some polish thinner. You’re seeing two coats in the swatch picture.


You can clearly see that I worked on this post during the holiday season because you’re seeing lots of holiday glitters! I will also say, I had a lot of fun wearing these shades. When I wear cremes I often want to remove my nail polish and switch it up after a couple of days because it starts to bore me, but I never had that with these shades! Besides this, Holo Taco’s formula lasts extremely long for me. I can easily wear it for over 7 days without chipping, and I only have to remove it when my nails grow too quickly.

If you haven’t tried Holo Taco yet, I recommend it. The shade I would recommend out of these five polishes is Curfew Crasher. It’s easy to work with but gives you spectacular nails!

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