Holo Taco Midnight Spark

Holo Taco Midnight spark swatch

It has been a while since I last shared a Holo Taco polish. Today it’s time for Midnight Spark. Midnight spark was originally released as part of the ‘Holoday’ collection in 2019. The collection featured five new glitter holographic nail polishes, that are all still available today. I purchased Midnight spark back in June 2021, when I also picked up the Holo Taco Electric Holos collection. This is actually the first time I’m wearing it and I’m quite ashamed of that, to be honest. I was saving Midnight spark for a special occasion, but at some point, I realized that that was pointless. And no better day than today right?

Midnight spark is an indigo (blurple) holographic glitter. On my nails, it leans more blue than purple, but I have seen some swatches in which it looks more purple. According to the original release video, all of Holo taco’s glitter polishes contain three sizes of glitters in a jelly base. The smaller glitters fill in the gaps between the larger glitters to ensure better coverage. The glitter is a mix of silver glitter and (in the case of Midnight spark) indigo glitter. If you look closely, you can even see the larger glitter and the smaller silver glitter, but because the polish is so sparkly it is actually pretty difficult to see.

The reason that I wasn’t immediately enthusiastic about the Holo taco glitters, is that I’ve had a pretty bad experience with holographic glitters from other brands. Often holographic glitters don’t cover well or are very thick. Also often holographic glitters look better in swatch pictures than in real life, so I’m often really disappointed when I’m seeing a glitter polish in real life for the first time. I’m happy to report that that isn’t the case with midnight spark. The polish is quite sheer at the first coat, but it covers quite well on the second coat. I only had one nail that needed a third coat. My midnight spark is not thick, and it is incredibly sparkly and holographic. In the case of this polish, I would say that most swatch pictures I have seen do not do this polish justice (including my own).

Cristine (aka Simply nailogical and the owner of Holo taco) says that this polish looks like a galaxy. However, to me, it reminds me of a deep ocean. Anyway, it’s just incredibly pretty.

The only downside that I can think of is that Midnight spark (and all the other Holo Taco glitters) dry matte and gritty. Holo taco recommends doing two coats of topcoat to smooth out the polish completely. I’m wearing one coat of top coat in the pictures, but after I was done swatching I did a second coat because it indeed still felt gritty.

Conclusion & Availability

I’m pleasantly surprised by Midnight Spark. It is so far my only Holo Taco glitter that I own, but if they’re all like this, then sign me up! I’m honestly a bit disappointed in myself that it took me so long to realize that this polish is so awesome!

I’ve actually checked Holo Taco’s website, and apparently, Midnight Spark is currently sold out ( you can find it over here). I’m sure the Holo Taco team is working on bringing it back because as far as I know Midnight Spark is not discontinued. If you’re just looking for a holographic glitter in a different color: the other shades from the Holoday collection (Play rose, Frost light, Rainbow snow, and Party punch) all have a similar glitter finish and are still in stock. Also ‘Menchie’ and ‘Zyler’ have a similar holographic glitter finish and are still available. This year’s Cristmas (with no H) collection consisted of five shades with a similar holographic finish, however, all of those shades were sadly limited edition (a reason why I’m extra angry at myself for not realizing how awesome these shades were).

Anyway, I’m secretly hoping that Holo Taco will be doing some more holographic glitter shades, because so far this is probably my favorite holo taco shade. I’m going to save up for the colors that are still available, and hopefully share them soon with you!

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