Chanel Holographic (LE 2007)

I’ve shared quite a few of my Vinted finds on Instagram, but I haven’t shared any of them here. Today, I’m starting off with the best find so far: Chanel Holographic. If you’re not familiar with this shade; I understand, it was originally released in 2007 and has been hard to find ever since. Nowadays, it goes on eBay for over $250+ per bottle, but I was able to find it for $10 on Vinted! My bottle has been slightly used, it misses the fixing basecoat that originally came with it, and it misses the Chanel cap, but still, I’ll take this anytime over the eBay price.

Chanel hologrpahic in my studio lighting

So a little history lesson: Chanel Holographic was released as a limited edition in 2007. It was originally sold together with a fixing basecoat, and was called ‘Duo platinum nail polish holographic’. Another set, containing a silver polish called ‘Silver’ was also released together with the fixing basecoat and was called ‘Duo platinum nail polish silver’. Both shades were sold out in a couple of days after the release, and have been hard to find and are the most sought-after shades ever since.

Chanel holographic photographed with camera flash

Upon first application, I didn’t really know what was this special about Holographic. Indie brands release strong silver holographic shades all the time. But while the polish was drying, I started to understand; an extremely strong holographic flame started to appear. I’m not lying when I say that this is the strongest holographic polish I have ever seen. I applied the shade over a regular basecoat, which worked just fine. I had to do 2-3 coats for opacity, and I had to let the coats dry completely before applying the next coat, but besides this, the color isn’t difficult to apply.

Comparison of Holo taco Circuit breaker vs Chanel Holographic vs ILNP Rosewater vs Essie Rock your world

I’m actually not a huge fan of silver holographic nail polish, so I don’t have a lot to compare. I immediately knew that the shades I own weren’t as strong as Chanel Holographic. I had the most hope for Holo taco’s Circuit breaker but you can clearly see that it is not as strong as Chanel’s holographic. ILNP Rosewater is very pretty, but has a more scattered holographic effect. Finally, Essie’s Rock your world has a larger holographic particle and isn’t as strong as Chanel Holographic.

A couple of people have suggested ILNP Mega (X), it’s currently sold out at my ILNP stockist, but I’m pretty sure it is also going to be weaker than Chanel’s holographic. Although it might be a great replacement if you don’t want to break the bank. Another polish that is often mentioned as a dupe is a holographic Gosh polish, however, as far as I could find, that one is also discontinued.

Where can you still find this shade?

Of course, one of the answers is eBay. Albeit for ridiculous prices. I will admit, in this case, I kind of understand why someone would pay so much for a polish (although I would never do it myself). As mentioned, I found my bottle at Vinted. It wasn’t in mint condition, but that doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve also seen it on Poshmark for better prices than at eBay. If you decide to go this route, I would recommend checking all the new listings regularly, this increases finding something rare considerably. I actually found some more rare beauties this way: OPI DS signature (found for $10, listed on eBay for $44) and OPI Teenage dream (found for $10, listed on eBay for $56), so even if you don’t find Holographic, you might find something else!

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