OPI Infinite shine 2 My Private jet (it’s holo!)

Ever since OPI released the following instagram post, I have been obsessed with the OPI color My Private jet from their infinite shine range. Read further to find out why.

It is quite silly that I find out about that the infinite shine version of My private jet is holographic only now. To understand why I am so enthousiast about specifically the OPI Infinite Shine My private jet we need to take a little timetrip.

My private jet was originally released in the night bright collection in 2007 (click here to see a post about this collection). Back then, My Private jet was definitely a linear black holographic polish. OPI My Private jet was a success and was added to OPI’s permanent collection and is available until this day. Sounds great right? But wait! There is more.

OPI changed the formula of My private jet after a while to a brown scatter holographic. Trust me, it is still pretty but it is nothing like it’s original brother. You can find a comparison over here. After more time even more versions of my private jet were released, some of them are even not holographic at all! The version you can buy nowadays looks nothing like the original linear holographic version.

When I saw OPI’s instagram post above I couldn’t believe what I saw. It definitely was a holographic version of My private jet, in a infinite shine formulation. After a quick google search I realized that this polish has been around already for a while. Over here you can find a comparison between the original shade and the infinite shine shade. The only difference is that the infinite shine shade is a bit more opaque than the original formula.

I think I am definitely going to pick this shade up. I’ve put it in my virtual basket and removed it from the basket again. I really do want to have this color but when I see it including shipping I keep putting it back. I know it is just a matter of time before I will buy it.

So that’s it for today! Just wanted to share this with you. I hope some of you might find this useful and will pick up the infinite shine version instead of the regular version.

You can find OPI Infinite shine My private jet over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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