Essie Blue-la-la (Summer 2017) swatches and review

Everywhere on the blog I am already posting about the Fall 2020 collection and in the mean time I am still wearing polish that was released over three years ago in summer… Well.. things like that happen. I have found Blue-la-la in a discount section of a local drugstore. Another polish leaked on it and it was completely covered in purple polish (you can still see some of it in the picture).

Blue-la-la was released in the Summer of 2017 as part of Essie’s french themed summer collection. Essie calls this a Parisian blue and they are absolutely right. It is just the most perfect pastel baby blue polish I have seen in a very long time!

Swatch of Essie Blue-la-la

Application was fine it took me 2-3 coats to reach opacity since on some nails the polish didn’t cover everything. But overall Blue-la-la wasn’t that bad to apply!

I do have some bad news however.. Blue-la-la is definitely hard to find at the moment, it is available in gel version over here on Amazon (affiliate link). I definitely think Essie should have added this shade to their core collection because it is just so unique and pretty!

The shades I have in my own collection I thought might be close to Essie Blue-la-la. Maybelline up town blue is closest but might be a bit difficult to find and about the same price as Essie.

In my own collection Blue-la-la is definitely unique and I do not own any dupes. Mint Candy apple is much more mint colored, Essie Perfect Posture is much more lilac, and Essie Pose-itano is much more grey and mint. Maybelline uptown blue is closest but also difficult to find at the moment.

When looking online for dupes for this color I definitely thought that Essie borrowed and blue and Essie Sway in Crochet might be close. They also both are harder to find and are a tiny bit different from blue-la-la. Bikini so teeny (affiliate link) is definitely more purple and so is Saltwater Happy (affiliate link). The best dupe I saw was definitely Essie Dye-Mentions (affiliate link) from the Gel Couture line which is also still easy to find! (You can find proof over here). I’ve added Dye-Mentions to my own wishlist too because it is just an awesome shade.

So that’s it! I am definitely very happy with blue-la-la!

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I bought all these products myself.

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