Swatches of the OPI Malibu collection for Summer 2021 (Part 2)

Yes, I’m back with more swatches from the OPI Malibu collection for Summer 2021! This part contains 3 warmer shades, and one of the neutrals! If you’re looking for part 1, you can find it over here. I’m definitely in love with all of these, so let’s move on to the swatches!

OPI Strawberry waves forever

According to OPI, Strawberry waves forever is: “a warm fuchsia pink with a shimmer”. It is indeed a bright warm pink with gorgeous sparkle! The sparkle seems to be a lighter shade of pink, almost blue, which really makes the polish pop. I wish I was able to capture the beauty of this polish better, but it was really difficult, I guess this is one you just have to see in real life. I am wearing two coats, and in the picture you can still slightly see a nail line on my ring finger, however this is very difficult to see because of all the sparkle.

OPI Strawberry waves forever compared to Essie Pucker up, OPI We seafood and eat it, Essie Peach daiquiri, OPI Emmy have you seen oscar and OPI I’m really an actress.

When I purchased Strawberry waves forever, I was a bit concerned that it would be too close to Essie’s Pucker up for summer 2021. Although the concept of the polishes is similar (pink with a blue shimmer), the execution is quite different. Strawberry waves forever is warmer and the shimmer is a bit larger, it’s like pucker up on steroids. Also for some reason, I thought I’m really an actress from the Hollywood collection would be close, but it is much darker.

Strawberry waves forever is definitely a nice polish, especially if you want your nails to get some attention! You can find Strawberry waves forever over here on Beyond polish (affiliate link).

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OPI PCH Love song

PCH love song and me was love at first sight! OPI describes PCH love song as: “a warm tone coral orange with a hint of shimmer”. I would indeed say that is pretty accurate! PCH love song is much more orange than Strawberry waves forever. The shimmer is almost much finer, pearly gold. I am pretty sure this color is unique, and I secretly hope that they are going to release more like this! This shade was also very easy to apply, and it covered nicely in two coats.

OPI PCH love song compared to OPI Strawberry waves forever, Essie Fondant of you, Essie don’t be spotted, Essie tangerine tease, and OPI pants on fire!

PCH love song is not even close to other corals with shimmer I own. Essie don’t be spotted and Fondant of you are much lighter. I don’t even have any cremes that come close to PCH love song!

You can find PCH love song over here on Beyond polish (affiliate link).

OPI Marigolden hour

No summer collection without a yellow! OPI Marigolden hour is definitely the type of warm yellow creme that you would expect in a summer collection. I think in almost every summer collection from OPI, there has been a yellow (except for 2019’s Tokyo collection). It seems like OPI has long embraced yellow before we all did! I was really impressed with the formula of this yellow. It almost covered in two coats, but I had some dark patches when it dried, so I’m wearing three in this picture. This shade definitely surprised me!

Comparison of OPI Marigolden hour to Essie summer soul-stice, Essie Zest has yet to come and Essie you know the espadrille.

When I purchased Marigolden hour, I definitely thought it would be close to Essie’s you know the espadrille. I am glad to say that they are actually both very different. You know the espadrille is more brown, and almost neutral compared to Marigolden hour. I definitely like them both, but for summer I prefer Marigolden hour!

You can find Marigolden hour over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link).

OPI Coastal sand-tuary

Coastal sand-tuary is an off-white creme. It is the one from the “neutral” part of the collection. Although I’m usually not a big fan of neutral colors, I’m really into off whites for summer. I needed three coats to cover all the dark spots on my nails. But with thicker coats, you might get away with two. Although some people might think this is a boring shade, I am really looking forward to wearing it in summer!

OPI coastal sand-tuary compared to Essie Fiji, OPI Lisbon wants moor OPI, Essie Urban Jungle and OPI My Vampire is buff

Out of the shades that I own, Coastal sand-tuary is the most similar to OPI My vampire is buff. OPI My Vampire is buff is a bit darker than Coastal Sand-tuary. The other shades I have in my collection are all too pink to be dupes. I’m pretty sure that OPI has released similar colors in the past, however I just don’t own them.

You can find Coastal Sand-tuary over here on Beyond polish (affiliate link).


Confession: Summer collections are usually my least favorite collections of the year. However, I really enjoy these bright shades from the OPI Malibu collection! There are some really unique shades in this collection! OPI definitely surprised me, but in a good way. Most shades covered nicely in two coats, and I have the feeling they put some effort into this! OPI said on Instagram this collection will be released on the first of June. However, you can already find the shades over here on Beyond polish (affiliate link).

Update: The first of June has passed, and this collection started popping up in more stores now! You can also find it for example on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

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