Orly Summer 2021 (Electric Escape)

Orly is a brand I should talk about more often on my blog. In general, I should spend more time on Orly, because the quality of their polish is amazing. There is a pretty big chance you might have seen swatches of the new Orly summer collection already on other blogs since, in the US, this collection is already released for some time now! However, here in Europe, we are always a tiny bit slower (except for Essie and OPI nowadays).

The summer 2021 collection of Orly is called Electric Escape. It consists of 6 neon nail polish shades, which don’t require a white basecoat!

The shades are:

  • Plastic Jungle: a kelly green creme reminiscent of a lush jungle.
  • Neon Paradise: a bright lime green creme
  • Tangerine dream: a tangy tangerine creme
  • Artificial orange:  a bright orange coral creme
  • Kaleidoscope eyes:  a bright lilac purple 
  • Synthetic symphony: a high voltage bright purple creme 
From top left to bottom right: Plastic Jungle, Neon paradise, Tangerine dream, Synthetic symphony, Kaleidoscope eyes, and artificial orange

If you’re looking for swatches of this collection, I recommend this blog post on Gingerly polished. The shades are of course also available in their GelFx counterparts!

I personally can’t wait for these colors to reach the Netherlands. Artificial orange and kaleidoscope eyes have definitely caught my eye, but I also love the look of Plastic jungle.

If you’re living in the US, you can find these shades already over here on Amazon (affiliate link). Only “Kaleidoscope eyes” is missing (at least at the time of writing this, be sure to check yourself!). You can find the complete collection over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link).

Affiliate disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you buy a product through one of the affiliate links, I might receive a small compensation at no additional costs to you. I marked all affiliate links clearly with the label “affiliate link”.

So now the reason that I am making this post: For me, living in the Netherlands, Orly was always on the expensive side. In the US, there is the Color Pass, which makes Orly quite affordable, but in Europe, we didn’t have anything like that. However, recently Orly has split their line up into a professional section and a consumer section. The professional section still keeps the 18 mL bottles, but regular consumers will get the option of 11 mL. This will make the price drop from 15 euro to 10 euro (in the Netherlands at least)! For me personally, this makes Orly suddenly a very attractive option, since I have never finished an 11 mL bottle, let alone an 18 mL bottle! You can find Electric escape at Bransus, and at Douglas. I’m personally really tempted to pick up some colors from this gorgeous collection!


I picked up the entire collection. There are enough swatches of this collection already out there, but I really love this color palette. I hope to share my swatches somewhere in the near future!

From left to right: Artificial orange, Tangerine dream, Neon paradise, Plastic Jungle, Synthetic symphony and kaleidoscope eyes

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