Essie Roll with it (New holographic Fall 2020 collection)

I am super excited to share this new find with you! This is the Essie Roll with it collection, which is a brand new Essie collection.

Here is what Essie says about it:

The new Essie roll with it collection contains 6 a pallet of 6 groovy pearl shades inspired by a dazzling roller disco inferno.

This is another snippet I found:

what’s old is new again! retro roller disco vibes gives us glamour and glitz on our fingertips. this fall, our inimitable mix of color-flipping and large holographic 

The shades are going to be called Roll with it (pink holographic) Let’s boogie (grey holographic), Lace up and get down (Purple holographic), Whirl ‘n twirl (Blue with pink shimmer holographic), Sequin Scene (orange holographic) and Head over wheels (Fuchsia shimmer).

I have spotted this collection on the Norwegian website Kicks over here (not an affiliate link and not sponsored, just the place where I have found them). BUT I have some evidence that this is going to be a global collection (see section below, about where to find these polishes).

From the promo material, I have no clue if all of these shades are holographic, but at least a couple of them are. Unfortunately I am not able to order them yet and ship them to the Netherlands so I haven’t seen them in real life.

This is definitely going to be a good collection that is going to make a lot of people very happy. I just bought two shades from the Sunny Business collection, which I terribly regret now!! This is one of the few collection where I think: “I need them all” and I am pretty sure I am not the only one!


I found swatches of two of the colors (Lace up and get down and Sequin scene). They look actually pretty different from what I expected them to look like! Still very interesting shades though.

Where to buy Roll with it?

So I am going to update this section every now and then since more and more information is available about this collection. In the US you can find this collection at CVS. CVS advertises that it is a “CVS exclusive” collection, so I don’t think it will be coming to other stores. The collection is also already available in Germany at DM. Essie also already announced that this collection is going to be available in the UK at Superdrug and boots. However, in some other posts they claim that they are not sure on when this collection is coming to the UK. They announced on their IG that it is not going to be available in the Netherlands and Australia, but I am secretly hoping they will change their mind.

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  1. Hm, I looked for these colours at this swedish drugstore but could not find any new products. Do you know anything about a launch in Europe (maybe Germany 😉 )? This collection reminds me on the Gorge-ous geodes Collection from last year, doesn’t it? So, it remains exciting 😉

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know anything official. The collection is available on the Kicks website (I also think on the Swedish version) and it is also available on the Superdrug website (UK) at the moment.

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