OPI Fall 2020 Marble Nails (no tools)

Finally I have time to show you this manicure! I have been wearing it for over a week and I am so enthousiastic about it! I really can’t wait to show you the pictures.

If you’ve payed attention the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed that I picked up three shades from the OPI Fall 2020 collection, This color hits all the high notes, Leonardo’s model color, and Suzi talks with her hands. When I saw the colors together I immediately noticed that they work so well together! I tried a couple of different nail art techniques, but none of them really gave me the result that I wanted. In the mean time I came across this video on youtube, which describes how to make rose quartz nails without any tools (spoiler: you just apply all the polish onto your nails and make a mess). I first thougth I required pink jelly polishes for this, but I decided just to try it with the OPI Fall 2020 polishes instead.

I started with Suzi talks with her hands as a base, and while the polish was still wet, I applied This color hits all the high notes and Leonardo’s model color on it and swirled it all together. In the pictures you can see the results! This color hits all the high notes is really cool when it is applied over a darker color and completely transforms the polish. Leonardo’s model color is kind of sheer but filled with glitter, which gives kind of a cool effect.

I personally find that this mani works so well because all of these colors have a different finish. It really gives a very interesting touch to this mani! Even the boyfriend recognized that I was trying to get a “marbling” design, the only comment he had is that I should have left out the “glitter-y” shade (Leonardo’s model color). But guess what, that’s just his opinion, I personally love the glitter!

All the colors are still available on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

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