Swatch and review of OPI My Italian is a little rusty (Fall/Winter 2020)

swatches of opi my italian is a little rusty from the OPI Fall/winter 2020 collection

We interrupt the Holiday nail polish line up for another Fall polish. Technically, OPI always releases Fall/winter collections, so I am basically not interrupting anything. However, it still feels a bit weird. I’ve complained about not being able to find My Italian is a little rusty before. Amazon doesn’t sell OPI over here in the Netherlands, and in the store OPI is sold, this shade was constantly sold out. Especially when there was a sale going on. You cannot imagine the happy dance I did when I was finally able to buy it (with a little discount). This all explains why the review of My Italian is a little rusty is later than the other polishes from the OPI Fall 2020 collection (I even already moved on to the Holiday 2020 collection!).

Swatches of OPI My italian is a little rusty

Together with Leonardo’s model color, I think My Italian is a little rusty is the star of OPI’s Fall 2020 collection. I was a little bit in doubt whether to add it to my collection or not, I already own Essie Playing Koi (click for an old review), which I heard was similar to My Italian is a little rusty (read further for a comparison). Amazon gives My Italian is a little rusty as an alternative for Essie playing koi! Of course, in the end I knew I needed to have My Italian is a little rusty in my collection.

I would consider My Italian is a little rusty a burnt orange creme. However, I personally find that in real life it leans a bit towards brown for a burnt orange. My camera really picks up the orange in this polish, but I have to mention that it is not entirely accurate. “Rusty” might indeed be a better description. The polish applied very nice and was opaque in two coats. I do want to mention that with my skintone, it made my hands look a bit pale. I still very much liked it, but I’ve also seen this shade on ladies with a darker skintone, and it looks so good!

OPi my italian is a little rusty compared to Essie yes I canyon and Essie playing koi
Comparison of Essie Playing koi, OPI My Italian is a little rusty and Essie yes I canyon.

I definitely was not a huge lover of burnt oranges in the past. I’ve found Essie Yes I canyon in September in Tk maxx, which is basically the moment when I started to like these shades of orange. When Essie Playing Koi was released in 2016, I knew I immediately needed to pick that shade up. But other than that, I was never interested in orange nail polish for fall. I don’t own any of the other burnt orange shades that were released in the (recent) past. I think it is clear from the picture that Yes I canyon is the most orange shade. My italian is a little rusty and Playing koi are both darker and indeed quite similar. However, playing koi is more red toned and My Italian is a little rusty is more brown toned. I would also describe the structure of Playing koi more like a jelly/crelly (meaning that it’s sheerer, but very shiney). It is really hard to pick a favorite, but I think in the end, playing koi definitely matches better with my complexion.

If you’re looking for a burnt orange shade, but My Italian is a little rusty is not what you’re looking for. You might want to check out OPI Have your panettone and eat it too (affiliate link) which is more orange. You also might want to check out Essie Expressie bolt and be bold (affiliate link), which is also really pretty. Essie calls it a yellow-red.. but wait.. isn’t that.. orange? Also OPI released similar, but not the same, types of burnt oranges in the past, like Suzi needs a Loch Smith (from the Fall 2019 collection, affiliate link) and Yank my doodle (from the Fall 2016 collection, affiliate link).

In the end, this shade is kind of unique. But it also depends for a large part on your collection, and on your own personal taste whether it is worth picking up! I’m definitely glad I was able to get my hands on it in the end.

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