Swatches of Essie Love at frost sight (Winter 2020)

After Essie Twinkle in Time it’s time for the second polish from Essie’s Winter 2020 collection, called Love at frost sight. This is a light blue polish with the same golden shimmer as Twinkle in Time. It might sound silly, but this color reminds me so much of the disney princess Cinderella, the golden shimmer is her hair and the blue is her dress. Obviously I can also see how this shade would remind people of frozen. Read further to find out what I thought of it.

Love at frost sight is the blue one from Essie’s winter 2020 collection. It contains the same gold shimmer as the other colors from this collection. I only think that the shimmer in this one is a bit less prominent than in the other colors that I own. The blue base is very nice. It contains a bit of grey and maybe a bit of purple, and isn’t too overwhelming. This shade really reminds me of ice and I find the name very fitting. I have seen this described as Bikini so teeny but better (bikini so teeny has invisible shimmer in the bottle). I don’t own Bikini so teeny so unfortunately I can’t compare.

There is one thing you should know before you buy Love at frost sight. It is not the most opaque polish in the world. I would personally say that if you have longer nails, like me, you require 3-4 coats to make this polish completely opaque. If you have shorter nails and you paint with thicker coats you might be able to get it opaque in two coats, but prepare for longer drying time. I personally don’t mind it that much, but I already know that it makes me grab this polish not as often as I want to.

I personally find this a really nice, cute shade, and I am really enthousiastic about this limited edition. I totally see myself wearing this shade again in January/February, and I can’t wait to do that! I know there are going to be some people that find this shade too princess-y. Well, I guess you can’t please everyone. I definitely did enjoy it! To see all my swatches from the Essie Winter 2020 collection, check out this post.

Check out Love at frost sight over here on Amazon (affiliate link). And as an extra tip: this color is also inside Essie’s holiday 2020 miniset! Available over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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