Essie Peppermint condition (Winter 2020)

Essie peppermint condtion bottle. A mint with golden shimmer.

So it’s time for the last polish I picked up from Essie’s Winter 2020 collection. It’s called Peppermint condition and it’s the green one from the collection.

This is what Essie says about this color: “snowed in? you’re feeling fine in this minty, light green nail polish flecked with glistening gold pearl is a breath of fresh air”.

For me personally, it is definitely more light green than mint. It might also be because the polish looks a little bit more yellow because of the golden shimmer. In the bottle it was not my favorite if I compared it to Twinkle in time and Love at frost sight, but on the nails it is very pretty!

swatch of Essie peppermint condition from the Essie winter 2020 collection

I had some issues applying this polish. In the end it worked out fine, if I let the polish properly dry in between coats it covered fine in two coats (that’s what you’re seeing in the pictures). But when I tried to apply it faster, I needed three to four coats to reach opacity, and it took forever to dry. I normally always apply my polish like that, so I have no clue why I suddenly has problems with this particular color needing so many coats. The formula is very similar to Love at frost sight and twinkle in time, so I wonder whether the same thing also works for these shades.

Although I had some doubts about Peppermint condition in the beginning, I am pretty enthusiastic about it now. I think it the color and the combination is very unique, and I don’t have anything that compares to it. Not even from different brands. For me this whole Essie winter 2020 collection is just great and I really appreciate the colors.

Essie peppermint condition from Essie holiday 2020 collection.

Over here you can see swatches of twinkle in time (the white one), over here of Love at frost sight (the blue one), and for the complete collection, check out this post.

Peppermint condition is still available on Amazon over here (affiliate link), but I think they sell quite fast! Unfornately this color is NOT in Essie’s mini holiday 2020 set (affiliate link).

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I purchased this product myself.

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