Essie in a gingersnap (Winter 2020)

I can’t believe we already reached the last polish from the Essie Winter 2020 collection. Time really flies! I hope you still have enough time until Christmas to decide which ones you want to pick up. It always takes longer to swatch these shades than I expect.

Today I have In a gingersnap for you, the red one filled with golden shimmer. In a gingersnap is kind of the outlier in the collection. All previous shades we’re very pastel and sweet, but in a gingersnap is much darker. I really like this shade on its own. The golden shimmer stands out nicely against the red base and I secretly hope that next year Essie will release a darker blue and green with the shame shimmer. Because this shade is a lot darker than the other shades in this collection, it was the only one that covered in two coats. I’ve tried wearing it with three coats, but there is no difference. It applies smooth and is just a dream to work with. The shimmer in this polish seems to be different from the others in this collection, but it also might have to do with that the base of in a gingersnap is much darker.

Surprisingly, this shade is really unique when I compare it to other Essie red shimmers. The golden shimmer in in a gingersnap makes this polish very unique. It is also brighter compared to shades as Essie Thigh high. I did find two shades from Kiko cosmetics that were similar, number 492 and 493. However, both these shades are sadly discontinued. If you’re still looking for a cheap dupe, your best shot might be Catrice Attracting Pomp. I don’t own this polish so I didn’t make comparison shots, but I might in the future.

I am really happy with in a gingersnap, especially now that Christmas is approaching. Together with twinkle in time, this is my favorite from the complete winter 2020 collection. To see all my swatches from the Essie Winter 2020 collection, check out this post. You can find in a gingersnap over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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