Swatch of Essie Sugarplum fairytale (Winter 2020)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing OK. For me, the period before Christmas is always so busy! I’ve been trying to round up my research as good as possible, submitted a paper and have been trying to continue with new research. Luckily, I was able to snap a few pictures of Sugarplum Fairytale during my lunch break!

Essie describes Sugarplum fairytale as a vibrant lavender nail polish sprinkled with glistening gold pearl. This is quite surprising since my Sugarplum fairytale is really pink. I am not sure whether there are different versions of this polish or whether Essie expected the color to turn out differently, but mine is definitely not lavender. I personally would call it the darker pink polish with a beautiful golden shimmer. Remember those Nars blushes that were so popular a couple of years ago? That’s what Sugarplum fairytale reminds me of. It’s also a shade I can see myself wearing around Valentine’s day or in the middle of summer. I get that it fits in this winter collection, but on its own it’s not really a typical winter shade.

Although Sugarplum fairytale was one of the more opaque polishes from the Winter 2020 collection, I am still wearing three coats in the pictures. Since I heard that Sugarplum fairytale was supposedly very close to Bonbon nuit, I made a comparison picture (below). Here you can see that my Sugarplum fairytale is much more pink and much darker than Bonbon Nuit. I definitely find it worth it to have them both in my collection!

Essie sugarplum fairytale vs Bonbon nuit vs twinkle in time

I must admit it, Sugarplum fairytale is not my favorite of Essie’s Winter 2020 collection, but it still is a very nice color! If you’re really into pink polish, I think this is a nice one to pick up. I am warning you already: it almost seems like there exist two versions of this polish, so I am not sure whether you’ll get the darker pink one like me. If you happen to already own this polish, let me know in the comments if it looks the same as mine!

Update: I did a little poll on Instagram, and most people seem to agree that there exist two versions of this polish. I think the European and US versions are different. I own the European version, if you buy this polish in the US, you might end up with a lavender polish that actually is quite close to Bonbon nuit.

You can find Sugarplum fairytale over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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4 thoughts on “Swatch of Essie Sugarplum fairytale (Winter 2020)”

  1. I am somewhat surprised at the sugarplum fairytale as mine like yours look so much more pink compared to most swatches and reviews I have seen of it online before. In most swatches sugarplum… and Bon Bon nuit look very similar and both with sort of a cool lilac leaning twist. But the Bon Bon being slightly lighter.

    I wonder if there are different batches? Because the sugarplum I have also looks a lot more pink, (warmish pink) in the bottle… compared to images of the bottle…


    1. Yes, so I guess there are different batches for the US and Europe, but I’m not sure about it. I am also not sure whether the one that I own is the “correct” one or the other one is the right one!

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