Essie Bonbon nuit (Winter 2020)

Too cute not to share, Essie bonbon nuit with two candy canes.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I picked up the remaining shades of the Essie Winter 2020 collection. I now own the complete collection! I never before liked an Essie collection that much that I picked them all up, but this one was definitely worth it! It’s still three weeks (or something) until Christmas, so I will swatch all the shades ASAP. The reason that I didn’t buy them all the first time, was that I wanted to test the formula of the shades. But I liked them so much that I wanted them all! The first one I want to show you is the light pink one, Bonbon Nuit.

Essie bon bon nuit

Bonbon nuit is a light pink polish with golden shimmer or as Essie describes it: “a light pink nail polish with glistening gold pearl “. Bonbon nuit is quite sheer and I definitely needed three coats for complete opacity. If you have shorter nails, two coats might be fine too. The polish applies fine, and I had no problem with it. I am quite enthousiastic about bonbon nuit! It is a bit softer, wamer than Twinkle in time while having the same shimmer-y qualities.

comparison of essie bonbon nuit with essie twinkle in time and essie sugarplum fairytale.

I’ve heard quite a few times from bloggers that bonbon nuit was quite close to sugarplum fairytale. When I compare Bonbon nuit and Sugarplum fairytale, they are not similar at all. It is pretty clear that Sugarplum fairytale is the darker pink version and bonbon nuit the lighter pink. I personally find bonbon nuit and twinkle in time quite close. However, I really enjoy the icy look of twinkle in time, and the warmer look of bonbon nuit. But is a good thing to keep in mind that they’re not that different. I am very glad in the end that I picked up Bonbon nuit, I can’t believe I almost skipped it honestly! To see all my swatches from the Essie Winter 2020 collection, check out this post.

Essie bonbon nuit is available over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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