Essie Don’t be spotted (Fall 2020)

bottle of Essie don't be spotted

At the moment I am working on swatching Essie in a gingersnap, Sugarplum fairytale and Bonbon Nuit and have moved on from Fall to Winter collections. However, I still want to show you Essie Don’t be spotted from Essie’s Fall 2020 collection. I was actually pretty sure that I wasn’t going to pick up any shades of Essie’s Fall collection this year. However, when I was doing some black friday shopping last week, I came across Don’t be spotted on clearance. I didn’t have to think too long about it and it came home with me. It was the only color that was left of the Fall collection in my drugstore, together with adrenaline brush. I completely understand, since it is a not-so traditional color.

Essie don't be spotted

When I was looking at Essie’s promotional material and swatches from other instagrammers/bloggers, I was convinced Don’t be spotted was a yellow. When I first saw it in store, I didn’t even recognize it. It was so orange! No way this is a yellow! I eventually looked on the Essie website and found out they described it as a pearl orange. I am so glad they agree! I have no clue why all the other pictures I have seen are so yellow, but maybe don’t be spotted is just a difficult color for cameras (in my pictures it definitely looks a bit on the orange side, but it is pretty close to its true color).

Essie don't be spotted

What you see is in the pictures is two coats, and I didn’t have any problems with the application of this polish. It also matches my rose! I completely understand that this color is not for everyone. The charm is that it is unique and I don’t own anything that is remotely similar. It’s not a color I want to wear all the time, but I definitely see myself wear this from time to time. I am happy I was able to pick this one up!

You can find Don’t be spotted over here on Amazon (affiliate link). But if you’re lucky, you might also be able to find it somewhere on sale!

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