All swatches of the Essie Winter/Holiday 2020 collection

From top left to bottom right: Essie Twinkle in time, Bonbon nuit, Love at frost sight, In a gingersnap, Peppermint condition and sugarplum fairytale.

I have been kind of postponing this post. It feels like I need to say goodbye to the Essie Winter 2020, since I have swatched them all and the spring collections are started to be released (more on that later). However, I personally always feel like these overview posts are very helpful, so I won’t postpone it any longer, since it might help some of you. I will share my opinion on each of these shades and provide you with a link to the long review!

Twinkle in time

I am just going to start with my personal favorite, Twinkle in time. If I could only pick up one shade out of this collection, it would be this one. To me twinkle in time is winter in a nail polish bottle, and it captures the vibe of this whole collection quite well. I also feel like the shimmer in this one is the best, eventhough it probably is the same shimmer as in the other colors. It just works very well in this shade. You do not three coats if you have longer nails like me, so that’s something to keep in mind.

In a gingersnap

I am pretty sure in a gingersnap is my second favorite out of this collection. At first (back in October) I was like “mehh” about this shade. However, when Christmas was coming closer, I completely changed my mind. This shade is just Christmas in a bottle and I love it. In a gingersnap is also the most opaque one, and covered well in two coats.

Bonbon Nuit

Another surprise favorite, bonbon nuit! This is the light pink one out of the collection. I personally found this one pretty close to twinkle in time. The shimmer in this one is also gorgeous! It is a litle bit softer and subtle than twinkle in time, and that’s why I love Bonbon nuit. If you’re living in the US, Bonbon nuit is pretty close to Sugarplum fairytale, but more on that later. Bonbon nuit did require three coats to be completely opaque.

Sugarplum fairytale

I immediately want to start with a disclaimer: if you’re buying Sugarplum fairytale in the US, you won’t be getting this color! There are two versions of Sugarplum fairytale, I have the EU-version, the darker pink one. But there also exists a lighter lavender one, which is pretty close to Bonbon nuit. I have no clue why mine is different from the US-version. But I’ve heard complains about sugarplum fairytale and bonbon nuit being very similar, so maybe they corrected this in the european batch. I have no clue! Please don’t be disappointed if you have bought Sugarplum fairytale, and a different color shows up! Both versions are pretty.

Love at frost sight

Swatches of essie love at frost sight

After the whole fuss with Sugarplum fairytale I became a little paranoid and started to think there were also different versions of Love at frost sight. In the end I gave up, since if there are different versions, they are very similar. I very much enjoyed Love at frost sight, the combination of the golden shimmer and the light blue polish is just amazing!

Peppermint condition

Peppermint condition is the only shade I had some problems with. The first two times I applied it, it was very thick and it gave my bubbles. The third time I let the coats dry for a 30 minutes before applying the next coat and it worked! I have no clue why this one is suddenly different from the others, so maybe I just got a bad one. Now looking at the pictures, I do have to admit that I really like the color and that I can’t stay mad at it any longer.

That’s it! That’s all I had on this collection. Pretty amazing right? I can definitely say that this is my favorite Essie collection in a very long time, and I am happy to own all of these shades. I hope that it will help some of you make a decision, so all my work won’t go to waste!

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