Essie Pillow talk the talk (Not red-y for bed)

Pillow talk the talk is from Essie’s Not red-y for bed collection, which is kind of the in between winter-spring collection. I’ve talked about it before, but over here in Europe these collections always seem to be super hard to find. Last year, the in between collection was called Flying Solo, and I ended up eventually finding most of the colors by the end of summer (which is quite a long time considering it was released in January)! In the US these collections always consist of 9 shades, while in the rest of the world they only seem to consist of 6 shades. I was surprised that I already encountered two of the shades, Pillow talk the talk and Not red-y for bed on BeautyBay this year. I only ended up picking up Pillow talk the talk, which I will be showing you today!

Pillow talk the talk is a light pink with pearly shimmer. This is Essie’s description of Pillow talk the talk: you can gossip away, but until you buy it and try it, you won’t be able to shut up about this cool, baby pink nail polish with silver pearl.

When I applied the first coat of this polish, it immediately gave me flashbacks to the nail polish shades I used to own in the early 00’s. I’m pretty sure I owned a shade of nailpolish like this, a lipgloss like it ánd a liquid eyeshadow (the type that comes in a lipgloss applicator). Of course, I wore them all at the same time because everything was possible during those days. I remember one day, the class pictures were being taken and I was wearing the pearly lipgloss. When the pictures came in, I was angry at my mom for about a week for letting me go to school like that. I never wore that lipgloss again.

One thing I immediately noticed, was how much the formula of nail polish has improved since 2000. Pillow talk covered in two coats, and the pearly shimmer was a bit streaky, but it was definitely not the worst! I would still recommend trying to apply it with as few brushstrokes as possible. At first, I wasn’t sure whether I really enjoyed the color, but the longer I was wearing it, the more I started to like it. If you’re into these types of shades, this is definitely a musthave!

You can still find Pillow talk the talk over here on Amazon (affiliate link), but I’m afraid this color is very very popular and might be sold out soon. You can also find it over here on Sleeknail (affiliate link), if you use the code BOGONAILS you will get 15 percent discount.

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