Swatch of OPI I’m really an actress (OPI Hollywood Spring 2021)

Today it is time for the first polish of OPI’s Spring 2021 Hollywood collection. I was so excited about this collection when I first saw the promo material, and I was especially curious about the holographic shade I’m really an actress, which I will be reviewing today.

So before we start, it is time to travel back in time. In 1999 OPI released a Hollywood collection for Fall/Winter. One of the most iconic shades in this collection was I’m not really a waitress, a metallic red. Apparently this shade was a big deal back then and everyone talked about I’m not really a waitress (compare it to Essie Bikini so teeny or Mint candy apple, remember when everyone was wearing those shades?). Even Suzi Weiss-Fishmann’s biography (OPI’s co-founder, affiliate link to Amazon, review is hopefully coming soon!) is named after this shade! OPI’s I’m not really a waitress is still being sold today, but I have been told that today’s version is a little bit different from the original 1999 version, the 1999 used to contain gold shimmer/flakes (Source: Karen from Iamabeautygeek). I think that tiny detail is important to completely understand the choices that have been made in creating I’m really an actress!

OPI’s I’m really an actress is a holographic ruby red polish containing tiny golden flakes. The name obviously already implies that it’s a sequel of I’m not really a waitress, but I love how they remembered to include the tiny detail of the golden flakes! OPI calls I’m really an actress an “over-the-top red nail polish”. I must admit, it’s not the most over the top holographic polish I have ever seen, but compared to OPI’s other polishes, it is over-the-top! The golden shimmer is more visible in the bottle than on the nails, but it gives a certain depth to the polish and the holo shimmer gives an incredible shine!

OPI I’m really an actress comparison. Not that close to its counterpoart I’m not really a waitress, closest match is OPI DS reflection.

Red holographic shades are one of my favorites, so I immediately needed to compare I’m really an actress to other shades I own. Compared to its sister I’m not really a waitress, I’m really an actress is a bit lighter and obviously holographic. The shade that is closest is OPI DS reflection. They are both red shades with a holographic scatter and a golden shimmer. The shimmer in Reflection is a bit finer and the color is also a bit lighter than I’m really an actress. I’m happy to own than both, but if you don’t own Reflection, I’m really an actress is a really good alternative!

Overall, I’m definitely not disappointed! I’m looking forward Valentine’s day, because that’s what this polish reminds me of! Definitely a nice surprise. You can find I’m really an actress over here on Amazon (affiliate link). If you don’t want to buy a full size bottle; the color is also inside OPI’s mini set (affiliate link).

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