Swatches of Essie you know the espadrille (Spring 2021)

Hello everyone, I am back with another color from the Essie Spring 2021 collection. This color is called “you know the espadrille” and is the yellow one from the collection. Together with Cacti on the prize, this was one I just needed to try. Today I am back to share my findings with you!

Essie calls You know the Espadrille a mustard yellow nail polish with warm undertones. I definitely understand where they are coming from. For me it feels kind of funny, Essie has avoided making yellow nail polish for years (OPI already understood that yellow is an awesome color), and now suddenly the past two years they have been playing catch up and producing all these awesome yellow colors. I have sort of stayed away from the mustard yellows, but now I felt the time was right to pick one up. You know the Espadrille is a true colorshifter, once you hold it next to a true yellow is becomes orange, ones you hold is next to an orange polish, it suddenly looks yellow. It is very interesting how our eyes deceive us!

The formula of You know the Espadrille is OK. It is not the best I’ve tried, but for a yellow it is very nice. I think you can make it work with two coats if you don’t go over the same spot too many times, but I needed three coats because I had some bald spots.

Comparison of You know the espadrille vs Sunny Business vs Summer soul-stice, don’t be spotted and OPI have your panettone.

In the picture above you can see what I am talking about. Next to summer soul-stice, You know the espadrille looks very orange. Sunny business looks very pale compared to both shades. Don’t be spotted is definitely very orange compared to You know the espadrille. Unfortunately, I don’t own the Essie shade Hay there, but I am pretty sure that it is going to be more yellow. Fall for NYC was another color that immediately popped up in my head, but that one is definitely more orange (source: Essie Spring 2021 Collection | Livwithbiv).

I know this color is not for everyone, but I definitely love it. You know the espadrille has a certain kind of dustiness to it that makes it very suitable for the end of summer/begin of fall. At the same time it is still bright enough for those sunny spring/summer days! Even though it is not your typical spring shade, I just know it is one of those shades that I am going to be using a lot during the warmer days. It just screams my name! I think for a lot of people this is going to be a unique shade in their collection, it definitely is in mine!

You can find You know the espadrille, together with the rest of Essie’s spring collection over here on Amazon. You can also find it on Sleek nail over here, if you’re planning on buying more than one polish from Sleek nail, don’t forget to use the code BOGONAILS for 15 percent discount on one.

Other products used for this mani:
Essie Grow stronger basecoat
Essie Gel setter topcoat

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