Swatches of the OPI Hollywood mini 4-pack

I am just going to continue with the swatches of new spring collections! I had a difficult time deciding which shades I wanted from the OPI Hollywood collection. I knew I wanted I’m really an actress, but I had no clue which other ones I wanted to pick up. In the end I decided to go with the mini pack and I definitely don’t regret it! The mini pack always consists of 4 of Suzi’s favorite shades from that collection (Suzi is OPI’s co-founder). This time all shades were in the pinky/red range, and they definitely called my name! I won’t talk any longer and just show you the swatches!

Swatch of Suzi calls the paparazzi

This shade was a surprise favorite for me. I normally skip these type of medium pink shades, since I personally don’t really find them interesting. Suzi calls the paparazzi has some dustiness to it. I wouldn’t call it a neutral, but it leans a bit more to the subtle side than I expected. The formula was great and needed two coats for opacity. I definitely consider picking up a fullsize of this color, since I have nothing close in my collection. This shade is very work appropriate! You can find a fullsize color over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Swatch of Movie Buff

Movie buff was also surprisingly nice! I would describe movie buff as a light pink with a little bit of brown. Similar to other light pink shades, it is a little bit difficult to apply, but not too difficult. I ended up needing three coats. Compared to other light pink shades I own ( such as Essie Fiji) movie buff is a little bit darker and contains a little bit more brown. Honestly, it’s a very nice and wearable shade. I am looking forward to wearing this shade in summer when I have a bit of a tan! This is the type of shade that makes you’re hands look darker! You can find a fullsize bottle over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Swatch of I’m really an actress

I’m really an actress is a sequel of the famous OPI shade I’m not really a waitress. I would describe it as a jelly red with gold and holographics particles. It covered completely in two coats.l If you’re interested in the complete review and comparison of I’m really an actress you can find it here. But needless to say this is the star of the collection and I am happy they also included I’m really an actress in the miniset. You can find a fullsize bottle over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Swatch of Emmy, have you seen oscar?

Seriously, Emmy have you seen oscar? is incredibly bright. This polish was not what I expected it to be. The formula is kind of strange, it is a jelly and extremely shiney. I am wearing three coats but you can still see my tips. If you have short nails and less white tips it is definitely possible to get this polish opaque in two coats. Very Hollywood and verry summer-y, definitely a like! Compared to I’m really an actress, the color is much lighter and more orange. If you have long nails like me, I would consider wearing this color over a white basecoat to hide it’s sheerness. You can find a fullsize bottle over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

For me this mini set is definitely a big like! It contains three colors that I would normally never have picked up, and which were surprise favorites. I think it is also awesome they included a bottle of the most spectacular shade in the collection, I’m really an actress. I can recommend this miniset to everyone who is into pink and red shades! My only wish is that they also included mini bottles of all other shades in this collection (what can I say, I want to try them all). If you’re interested, you can find the miniset over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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