Painted Polish Liquid Sunshine

It has been quite some time since I actually shared a nail polish swatch. The last couple of weeks previews of collection previews dominated my blog, but I actually did wear some interesting shades. Today I decided that it’s time to share this gorgeous indie polish: Painted Polish liquid sunshine. I actually use my indie shades quite a bit, but I don’t often share them here on the blog.

Painted Polish is an indie brand based in San Diego. All shades are handmade and 5-free. The first time I swatched a Painted Polish shade was in 2016. I was immediately impressed by the brand, and keep following their releases, but I never purchased again. Mostly since I tend to get stuck in analysis paralysis with all these gorgeous shades. A couple of months ago, I found out that offers a mystery box with three Painted Polish shades from older collections (over here). Of course, I knew it was time to grab mine! One of the shades that was in my box was the shade I am showing today “Liquid Sunshine”.

Painted Polish Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine was released in Painted Polish’s “April showers” collection for spring 2021 and is a medium periwinkle with gold metallic flakies. The shade is super easy to apply and covers well in two coats (although some nails needed a third one). Although you can achieve a similar effect with a gold flake topcoat (like the one from Essie’s FX collection), I like it better when the flakes are infused in the base. I love the fact that some are slightly covered by the basecoat and that it really is “in” the base color.

Now the bad news… this collection was limited edition and Liquid Sunshine is no longer in stock. However, Painted Polish regularly comes out with new seasonal shades, that have a similar formula. For this year’s fall collection they have a brown with these golden flakes, called Matte about mocha. You can buy Painted Polish from their own website over here, but they also have several stockists around the world. I usually purchase from Hypnotic Polish, or in this case Nailland (both located in Europe).

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