Swatch of ILNP Lulu (Fall 2015)

It has been quite some time since I last reviewed an ILNP polish. ILNP is definitely still one of my favorite indie brands, and behind the scenes, I’m still wearing their shades a lot, I just rarely share them here on my blog! Today I have a shade that I’ve just been ignoring for too long: ILNP Lulu, originally released for fall 2015, but still around today. I bought it back in 2015, very shortly after its release together with Diablo, Overnight bag, and Mona lisa. I’ve worn the other shades from this collection quite often, but somehow Lulu ended up in a corner of my nail polish drawer after one wear, without a proper blogpost or mention on Instagram. I decided that is changing today!


ILNP Lulu in direct sunlight

ILNP Lulu is a deep blue-purple jelly with different types of holographic flakes. ILNP doesn’t call this type of shade a jelly, but it definitely looks like one to me. Regular holos often have a gray cast, but these jelly shades don’t have that and have a very intense base color while still being super holographic. If you’re only used to drugstore holographic nail polish, Lulu is going to blow your mind! The holographic effect is so strong that you don’t need direct sunlight to see it.

The application was absolutely a dream. ILNP shades are often a bit sheerer than other brands, and often require three coats for full opacity, but Lulu only needed two coats. Removal was also super easy because the holographic flakes are not as difficult to remove as holographic glitter.

ILNP Lulu in the shade

Even though it has been quite a while since this polish was released, I felt like it definitely still deserved its own post. It’s also a perfect color for this time of year (spooky season). The color is still available on ILNP’s own website, on Amazon (affiliate link).

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