Essie Winter 2022/Spring 2023 ‘(Un)Guilty pleasures’

A new month, a new Essie collection (or so it seems). I’m currently still working on swatches of Essie’s Winter 2022 collection, but Essie’s new winter 2022/winter 2023/spring 2023 has already popped up in stores! I think this is likely going to be a transition collection from winter to spring. The collection is going to be called (Un)guilty pleasures and is going to consist of six new shades.


Essie says this about the collection: “inspired by your favorite (un)guilty pleasures, the new essie (un)guilty pleasures collection is all about saying yes to the things that make you happy and leaving the guilt behind. “

The shades are going to be called:

  • Snooze in (a warm, pinky coral vegan nail polish with yellow undertones and a cream finish)
  • (Un)guilty pleasures (a rich teal green vegan nail polish with blue undertones and a cream finish)
  • To me from me (a softened, deep indigo blue vegan nail polish with white undertones and a cream finish)
  • Home by 8 (a faded, soft black vegan nail polish with red undertones and a cream finish)
  • Caught in the rain ( a muted, neutral sage green vegan nail polish with gray undertones and a cream finish)
  • No to-do (a deep coffee brown vegan nail polish with red undertones and a cream finish)


I’m actually pretty excited about this collection! It seems to have some moody shades for the end of winter, and some nice shades for the start of spring. I’m going to admit that if you have a larger Essie collection, you probably already own a couple of similar shades, but still, it seems like a pretty exciting collection to me!

You can find this collection on Amazon in the US (affiliate link). In Europe, at least four shades are going to be available (Snooze in, Unguilty pleasures, No to do, and To me from me) in January 2023.

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5 thoughts on “Essie Winter 2022/Spring 2023 ‘(Un)Guilty pleasures’”

  1. Anouk-

    I purchased ‘to me from me’ and ‘home by 8’ and love both of them. In fact, ‘ to me’ is my first manicure of 2023! I passed on the other colors because my new year’s resolution is to use what I own. I can’t say I won’t buy any new polish (I just love it so much), but I really don’t want to buy more than five this year. I did buy ‘to me’ this year because I was waiting for a discount. Yikes only four to go! I’ll keep you posted.

    Do you make resolutions? Happy New Year!!


    1. I’m quite sad that home by 8 probably won’t be coming to Europe, it was definitely one of the standouts of the collection for me. ‘To me from me’ seems like a great color to start the year with!

      My new year’s resolution is also to use what I own! I have so many shades that I didn’t even use yet! Buying only five shades in an entire scares me though! I can already predict I won’t be able to do that.

      Happy new year!

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