Essie Gel Couture Winter 2022 (‘Fashion Freedom’)

We’ve already seen Essie’s (Un)Guilty pleasures collection, but that is not the only collection that is going to be released on the 15th of November! Essie is also releasing a new Gel Couture collection at the same time called ‘Fashion Freedom’. The collection is going to consist of six new Gel Couture shades.


This is what Essie has to say about them: ‘inspired by the craft and eccentricity of bohemian fashion and textiles, our new longwear gel couture collection evokes an uplifted sense of comfort, freedom and eclectic expression’.

The colors are going to be:

  • In-vest in style (mid-toned green creme with blue undertones)
  • Wilder than I seam ( vibrant pink violet creme with blue undertones)
  • Tassel free (light gray creme with red undertones)
  • Woven at heart (neutral clay shimmer with rosy undertones)
  • Put in the patchwork (neutral red creme with warm undertones)
  • Cut loose (muted blue creme with grey and yellow undertones)
Essie Gel couture winter 2022

The collection is available on Amazon US (affiliate link) for pre-order and is going to be released on the 15th of November. Likely it is also going to be released in more stores soon! The collection is also going to be available in Europe.

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