Essie Midsummer 2024 preview

If there is anything that I learned this year so far, it’s that Essie collections never come alone. Quickly after finding out about Essie’s Summer 2024 collection, I also found a preview of Essie’s Midsummer 2024 collection. This collection typically gets released in the nordics around May/June to celebrate midsummer. However, this collection is also sometimes brought to the US, Germany, and the Netherlands. There is never an announcement about this, and sometimes the collection is never released in the US, but I thought it would be nice to share the midsummer collection anyway!

Dream of eternal summer days with the essie midsummer 2024 collection: mellow in the meadow. Explore the soothing and delicate shades inspired by the desire to step outside and completely immerse into nature. Let yourself feel ‘poppy & joyous’ this midsummer season with these feel-good limited edition shades.

  • Mellow in the meadow: soft, pale green nail polish with yellow undertones
  • In a daisy: a soft and sunny canary yellow nail polish
  • Cloud gazing: a creamy, muted blue color with violet undertones
  • Go Wild-flower: A creamy, deep lavender nail polish with blue undertones
  • Poppy & joyous: juicy red nail polish
  • Midsommar bloom: a vibrant, pastel pink color with blue undertones
Essie Midsummer 2024

The collection consists only of cremes, but it the midsummer collection is always a very bright and uplifting collection.

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