Essie Summer 2024 ‘Sol searching’

Essie is really early with a preview of their summer 2024 collection this year. I’m not even into spring shades myself yet, as it’s still super cold over here. However, I am really excited to share this collection with you!

It’s time you had a good-vibes-only vacation. The essie limited edition summer 2024 collection: ‘sol searching’ welcomes you to your summer meditation haven. Featuring soothing shades inspired by an inner check-in, these glow-worthy shades will remind you to “breathe in, breathe out”.

The six new colors are going to be:

  • Sol searching: midtone terracotta orange nail polish with red undertones
  • It’s all bright: a smooth refined pearl and larger multidimensional pearl
  • Glisten to your heart: a pink/purple duo-flip pearl
  • Meditation Haven: impactful yellow nail polish
  • Sun-renity: a deep pink nail polish with yellow undertones
  • Breathe in, breathe out: soft, dusty purple nail polish with red undertones
Essie Summer 2024

I couldn’t find a release date for this collection yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is in March/April. The collection is now confirmed in Europe, but I expect that this collection will be available worldwide!

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