Swatches of Essie Cacti on the prize (Spring 2021 collection)

There is a lot of criticism on the new Essie Spring 2021 collection. Most people find that it looks like a fall collection, and doesn’t really fit spring. Personally I completely understand the inspiration for this collection ( just google “desert cactus” and you will find tons of pictures with the blue, yellow green color scheme). I’m personally surprised that Essie didn’t release it as a summer collection, since desert, cacti and espadrilles definitely remind me of summer and the shades would indeed work well for transitioning into fall. However, I am definitely not disappointed by this collection!

Cacti on the prize was the only one I just knew I really needed to own. The other ones were gorgeous too, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want the other shades, but Cacti on the prize immediately cought my eye!

Essie describes Cacti on the prize as a a muted neutral green with yellow undertones. This description is definitely spot on. When I was wearing this polish it didn’t feel like I was wearing a green nail polish, but more like I was wearing a neutral. In different lighting it suddenly looks very mint-green and in other lighting it looks very yellow or green! This shade almost seems like it is shifting colors. I get that it is maybe not for everyone, but it is such an interesting and different shade! Since it contains a lot of white it is definitely a very wearable color during spring, but I could definitely see it work all year around! The formula is perfection too, it covers in 2 coats and it was super easy to apply.

Comparison of Cacti on the prize, Precious Cargo-go, Chillato, Bon-boyage, take a walk and gargantuan green grape.

For me it was pretty easy, I don’t have anything remotely close in my collection. I first though Bon Boyage could be close to Cacti on the prize, but Bon Boyage definitely contains more blue. Chillato, Take a walk, and Gargantuan green grape all contain too much yellow nad Precious cargo-go is too dark. I’ve searched online and I think OPI Stranger tides, Essie Da bush and OPI This isn’t Greenland might be close but I’m not sure, since I don’t own any of these shades (Essie Da bush is on its way though!).

Cacti on the prize is now available on Amazon over here! You can also find it on Sleek nail over here, if you’re planning on buying more than one polish from Sleek nail, don’t forget use the code BOGONAILS to get 15 percent discount on one polish.

Update: Essie Da bush arrived. Da bush is similar to Cacti on the prize, but definitely not the same. I would say that Cacti on the prize is a bit more yellow, and has a much better formula than Da bush. I also love the shade of Da bush, so I regret nothing, but it might be something you want to keep in mind.

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