Essie Garden gala (New gel couture, spring 2021)

There is a new Essie gel couture collection! First of all, I am very sorry, I don’t have a lot to tell you about this collection except for the names and the colors and the fact it exists! But of course I will update this page as soon as I find out more.

This collection has been spotted in the same display as the Essie spring 2021 collection. The collection consists of six colors, all with a sheer pearl finish in pastel colors.

The names of the colors are: dressed for the part-y (very sheer light blue), garden gala (bright pink), blossom into style (green), talk to the gown (purple), coming up roses (pink but warmer than garden gala), poppy of color (coral).

I personally have a bit of mixed feelings when it comes to this collection. I love the colors but I don’t know the pearl finish. Again, I am very sorry I don’t have any pictures, but next time you’re in your local drugstore, be sure to check whether this collection is there!

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