New Essie Winter 2020/2021 (Not red-y for bed and brilliant brocades)

Yes you heard it right! More new Essie collections are incoming! It’s still 1,5 months until Christmas but Essie is thinking ahead and releasing new collections (probably for after Christmas).

The first collection, not red-y for bed, is the regular Essie line, consisting of 9 new shades. The colors are mostly reds and pinks, but suprisingly two of them are blue/purple. I think that we can compare this type of collection to the “Serene Slate” and “Flying solo” collections that Essie released in 2019 and 2020 that also both were 9-piece collections.

The collection will consist of the following shades: pillow talk-the-talk (pale pink with white shimmer), the snuggle is real (peach-y nude), gossip n’ spill (red/brown with shimmer), slumber party on (medium pink), not red-y for bed (medium red), pjammin’ all night (darker pink), sleepover squad (cool toned medium pink with pink/purple shimmer), wink of sleep (purple) and from a to zzz (grey/blue with shimmer).

The prediction is that this collection is already going to be available in December, but that most stores will not stock it until January. I am personally not the biggest fan of this collection, but I definitely love some of the colors!

Update: All shades are now available on Amazon over here (affiliate link)! If your’re looking for for swatches of the not red-y for bed collection, check out this video by Livwithbiv! I ended up picking up Pillow talk the talk, you can find my swatches over here.

The second collection is a 6-piece Gel couture collection and is my favorite from the two collection! It will be called Brilliant Brocades and I personally just love the colors in this collection. The shades are mostly dark jewel tones and one lighter shade. The name of course is very fitting for the gel couture line, since most of the polishes have to do with fashion and sewing.

The collection consists of the following shades: brocade crusade (blue grey with shimmer), high sewciety (light beige with tone on tone shimmer), tailored by twilight (dark purple), garment glory (dark pink), embossed lady (dark purple with shimmer) and jewels and jacquard only (dark turqoise with shimmer).

Also this collection is said to be launched in December, but my guess is also that it is also going to be available for most people in January.

Update: For swatches of this collection, check out LivwithBiv’s video over here. After her swatches, my favorites are definitely the three shimmers! I have spotted four out of six shades on Amazon. Garment glory over here, Tailored by twilight over here, High sewciety over here, and Jewels and Jacquard here (all affiliate links). I am not sure when or whether all shades will become available.

So a few warnings for the availability of this collection. I know that in the Netherlands the Serene slate collection and Flying solo collection were a little bit hard to get (and it took a very long time before they finally reached us). I am going to predict that it is going to be the same for these two collection. I also now that, for example in Canada, not all shades of Flying Solo were available. This is probably also going to be the case with the not red-y for bed collection unfortunately (unless Essie has changed its policy). However, I am not too sure about all of this, but I just want to prevent some disappointments! As usual, as soon as I find out more about these collections, I will update this post.

UPDATE: It is confirmed that only 6 out of 9 shades out of the not red-y for bed collection will come to Europe. The “missing” shades will be: Gossip n’ spill, from a to zzz, and slumber party on. Sadly, it is also Essie also announced on their Instagram that due to problems with corona, the brilliant brocades collection won’t come to Germany (meaning it also won’t come to the rest of Europe).

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