Swatches of the Essie Rumor jazz it collection (Fall/Winter 2021)

It’s time for another new Essie collection! I feel very lucky that I was able to get my hands on another Winter 2021/ Fall 2021 collection! I’m of course talking about the Rumor jazz it collection. Many of you asked me to swatch this collection! The reason that I didn’t order it immediately is that I didn’t know the shop it was sold at. I hoped it would be released in other stores, but I eventually decided to bite the bullet and just buy the collection in Greece.

Just to freshen up your memory: The collection consists of six new 20’s-themed colors. They all have the same finish; silver and gold shimmer in a colored jelly base. They dry completely smooth. It is actually pretty difficult to see what is going on in these shades because the polish is so sparkly and reflective. It sometimes seems like they have some holographic pigment, but it is very difficult to tell. I don’t think I have ever seen something like this from Essie. The closest I could think of is Essie’s In a gingersnap from last year’s winter collection, but instead of gold shimmer with silver shimmer.

It amazed me how much these shades changed with different lighting. I therefore tried to capture them in direct light and in indirect light, such that you get a better impression of what the shades are like.

Essie Dressed to excess

Dressed to Excess in direct light

The first one I tried was the green one, “Dressed to excess”. I literally said “wow” when I first applied it to the nail. It is so sparkly, yet the color is also very intense. The polish covers well in two coats. I’m pretty sure I don’t own anything like this! I think this one might also have some gold shimmer, but I’m not entirely sure!

Dressed to excess in indirect light

Essie Bedazzle me

Bedazzle me in direct light

‘Bedazzle me’ is the purple shade of the collection. Two coats was enough to achieve this result. Looking at the pictures with direct light, it definitely seems like this shade has some holographic shimmer in it! In indirect light it doesn’t sparkle that much, but it is more a reflective silver shimmer that is more apparent. I’m very happy with this shade!

Bedazzle me in indirect light

Essie Gatsbee’s knees

Essie Gatsbee’s knees in the sun

‘Gatsbee’s knees’ is the yellow/gold in the collection. This one seems to be the odd one in the collection. I’m not sure whether this one contains the silver shimmer, or that it only contains gold shimmer. The polish is also a tad sheer. I’m wearing three coats, but if I look close in direct light, it still looks a bit sheer. I’m worried that if you have longer nails than me, you might have to do four coats.

Still, this shade looked so good. It is very reflective and just looks like you put some gold on your nails!

Essie Gatsbee’s knees in the shade

Essie take it speakeasy

Take it speak easy in direct light

Now my favorite of the collection, ‘Take it speakeasy’. This one just looks like you crushed some gemstones and put them on your nail. I really haven’t seen anything like it before, and definitely not from Essie. The formula is a bit thicker than the other shades, and in one coat it is already quite opaque. Still, for the most intense effect I would recommend doing two coats.

Take it speakeasy in indirect light

Essie All you ever beaded

All you ever beaded in direct light

‘All you ever beaded’ is the silver of the collection. In terms of application, it reminded me a bit of the gold one. It is also a lot sheerer than the other shades. I’m wearing three coats in the pictures, but I definitely could have used a fourth coat. The darker patches in the color are just my nails that are peaking through the polish! I’ve worn this shade a second time now, and the shade was opaque in two coats. I’m not sure what went wrong the first time. The shade is super reflective, which makes it very difficult to see in real life! I believe the shade also contains some gold shimmer, which makes it very pretty.

All you ever beaded in indirect light
All you ever beaded compared to Essie’s Jingle Belle (winter 2021), Essie Empire shade of mind, and Essie steel-ing the scene

This is Essie All you ever beaded compared to other silver Essie’s that I own. The colors of ‘Jingle belle’ and ‘All you ever beaded’ are quite close, but ‘All you ever beaded’ is a bit lighter. ‘All you ever beaded’ also contains the largest shimmer particles and the least streaks. ‘Empire shade of mind’ is darker and ‘Steel-ing the scene’ has warm undertones.

Essie Rumor jazz it

Rumor jazz it in direct light

The blue one, Rumor jazz it, is the namesake of the collection. It has a very similar formula to the purple one. The shade covered nicely in two coats. While painting this on, I couldn’t help but to think of the “retro revival” shade Starry starry night. Why didn’t they use this shimmer for that polish? Anyway, Essie’s starry starry night is probably the reason why I’m so in love with every blue shimmer shade! ‘Rumor jazz it’ is definitely not an exeption.

Rumor jazz it in indirect light

Conclusion & availability

That’s it. This collection definitely did not disappoint! I can honestly say that this is probably my favorite Essie collection of the year. It’s so different from any other Essie shade I have ever used (and I used a lot!). The shades do not look cheap, but quite sophisticated. Exactly what you would expect from Essie. I think every shade in this collection is just perfect for Christmas. Also, I think that, when used together, these shades will be great in some Christmas nail-art!

So now on to the depressing part; their availability. I’ve only spotted them so far at and, which are both Greek websites. They do ship abroad (and outside the EU). The Belgian website “Di” also has them, they are listed under the “essie fall 2021” collection. However, they do not have all shades, and they only ship inside Belgium. I haven’t heard anything about this collection besides from these three stores. Sadly, I also have no clue whether they will be released in the US and Canada or whether this is going to be an EU-only collection. The other Winter collection is already listed on Amazon US, so hopefully, this one will follow too. I will definitely keep you posted!

Update: The last weeks I saw this collection appear in more and more European stores! The collection is now available on Zalando and Notino, and apparently also in German drugstores! Sadly, Essie confirmed on Instagram that this collection won’t come to North America for now.

6 thoughts on “Swatches of the Essie Rumor jazz it collection (Fall/Winter 2021)”

  1. Espen Oliver da silva

    Hi! Can I ask you: what numbers do these bottles have on top? I’m trying to document all essie nail-polishes and that has me jumping from blog posts to youtube videos and instagram posts… do you know of any sources that would make this easier? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi! The Rumor jazz it collection is numbered 801-806 in the European number system. They don’t have a US-number. I’m actually working on something similar myself. You can find it over here: Sadly I wasn’t able to find the numbers of the newer collections yet and I didn’t add the numbers yet of some older collections (I have the same trouble as you, because websites like Amazon only report the numbers every now and then). I find this list: very helpful for numbers of very old shades, but sadly it has not been updated since 2017!
      I hope this helps!

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