Orly Momentary Wonders (Holiday 2021/Winter 2021 collection)

Orly’s new holiday 2021 collection is here! The collection is going to be called ‘Momentary Wonders’. I know that some of my readers have a color pass, so it might be interesting for you! I don’t have that much information yet, but it is probably enough to give a bit of an impression of the collection.

As usual, this Orly collection will be a six-piece collection. The colors will be:

  • Ephemeral (Soft white shimmer with a hint of gold sparkle)
  • Flight of fancy (A plum purple shimmer)
  • Awestruck (A metallic deep pink)
  • Dancing Embers (A deep coral shimmer)
  • Touch of magic (A champagne shimmer with a touch of pink)
  • Whispered lore (A metallic gold)

Although there are some pictures going around on Instagram, this is the only picture I could find so far that is shareable:

I have mixed feelings when I see this picture. On hand I like the shades, on the other hand, I think we have seen these shades before. I will definitely wait for swatches before I decide to purchase this collection, but I probably won’t be picking these up.

That’s it, this is literally all I know. I have no clue when these shades will be available. Of course, I will update this page if I find out!

10 thoughts on “Orly Momentary Wonders (Holiday 2021/Winter 2021 collection)”

  1. I have a color pass- and Im not excited for this color palette. I was hoping for some delicate winters polishes, but 3 metallic pinks, gold and white look seem heavy, overly sweet and tacky. Ill wait to see this set, but every one of these looks unwearable to me. Too bad, I really liked the “wild Natured” Collection, and I love Orly’s formula and brush.

    1. Maybe they are nice in person! These type of pictures never give a good impression. I loved the summer and fall collection, so I hoped they would continue what they were doing.

  2. I am a subscriber and definately not thrilled seeing this. No holiday vibes at all here for me. I didn’t like the Fall Wild Natured collection either, which was my first since subscribing. At this rate, I will likely not renew my subscription as that will be two for two I don’t care for. I am bummed.

  3. I love these shades! I will love wearing these colors through winter and am happy to have a bit of variety of Orly formulas to try! I love all the sparkle and that it’s not classic “winter” or “holiday” colors. Thanks for the sneak peek!

  4. I got these today and they are a bit nicer in person. I’m disappointed with so many reds/pinks – even the extra polish. lol I was also disappointed with Wild Natured at first but they grew on me.

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