Essie Opulent Opera collection (Gel couture, Fall 2021)

Sunday seems to be my lucky day for finding new Essie collections. This time, I found a new Essie Gel couture collection, called Opulent Opera. I didn’t find it on my own but again found out about it with a little help of Mrs Cgn (Thank you!!).

This new collection is a six-piece Opera-themed collection. The colors will be:

  • Orchestrated Style (A light ivory creme)
  • Bring gown the house (A mint green creme)
  • Overture the top (A medium brown creme)
  • High-end note (A medium greyed out blue creme)
  • Overdressed to understudy (A pink leaning red creme)
  • Tuft act to follow (An orange leaning red creme)

This is pretty much all I could find about this collection! I’m not even sure whether this is a fall collection, or whether it is going to be a new winter collection (I listed it under fall for now). The collection is already available on 8ty8beauty over here. I’m sure other places in the US will follow soon. I’m especially excited about the mint green shade ‘Bring gown the house’.

Update: The collection is also available now over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link). If you use the code “NOAENAILS” you will get 5% discount (only on regular priced items). I have also spotted them over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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Sadly for my European followers: these gel couture collections are not released in Europe anymore, as far as I know.

2 thoughts on “Essie Opulent Opera collection (Gel couture, Fall 2021)”

    1. Also not my favorite Gel couture collection ever. But since they probably only are going to be released in the US, it doesn’t matter anyway what I think 😉

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