Swatch of Essie Twinkle in Time (Winter 2020)

bottle of Essie twinkle in time from the Love at frost sight winter 2020 collection

Today it is time for swatches of the first polish of the Essie Winter 2020 collection. If you going to pick up only one Essie polish in 2020, let it be Twinkle in Time. When I first saw this one I was absolutely stunned. The others from the Love at frost sight winter 2020 collection are beautiful too. But seriously Twinkle in time is gorgeous.

Twinkle in time is the white polish from the Essie Winter 2020 collection. This is not a boring creme polish though. It has a gorgeous iridescent shimmer running through which is soooo strong! Most of the time the shimmer looks gold, but under extreme angles it also sometimes looks blue or light pink. It is like highlighter for your nails, it really is amazing!

Swatches of Essie Twinkle in time from the Essie winter 2020 holiday collection
Essie Twinkle in time in natural lighting

The color is a bit on the sheer side. I am wearing 3 very thin coats in the pictures, and it is not entirely opaque. It looks kind of opaque because of the shimmer, but I know it is not fully opaque. If it bothers you, you could definitely wear 4 coats, however I didn’t mind. That being said, if you like a sheer white look, this polish also looks great with one or two coats. It is really versatile! I’ve also read somewhere that someone was able to get it opaque by using two thick coats, however I wouldn’t recommend this (because of the drying time and the possibility of bubbles).

Review and swatch of Essie twinkle in time
Essie Twinkle in Time in artificial lighting

The last thing I want to note is that pictures do not do this polish justice. And I don’t know how to express how amazed I am by this polish. If you’re still doubting, I would definitely recommend to pick at least this one up. I’ve heard that they are selling quite fast, so be carefull not to wait too long!

You can still find them over here on Amazon (affiliate link). This shade is also in the Essie mini holiday 2020 set available over here (affiliate link).

For my European readers: I picked them up at Boozyshop. This is a dutch store, but ships for reasonable prices to the rest of Europe (I’m not affiliated, just enthousiastic that I was already able to pick them up). The other two colors I picked up (for now) are Peppermint Condition (the mint) and Love at frost sight (the blue), so stay tuned for more swatches. To see all my swatches from the Essie Winter 2020 collection, check out this post.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I purchased this product myself.

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