Duochrome spiderweb halloween 2020 nail art

Soo.. I know it is not technically halloween yet. But, it is almost is, and since this post is halloween inspiration, you might want to have some time to be able to recreate it yourself. Looking on Instagram, spiderwebs seemed to be really popular. Somehow, I always thought they would be super difficult to create. Turns out, they are not difficult at all! The only thing you require is a striping brush, or something else you can draw very fine lines with.

First of all, I want to mention that I created this nail art by using gel nail polish. However, you can also recreate this nail art by using regular duochrome nail polish (or use this technique to apply nail powder over regular nail polish) and regular black nail polish. The advantage of using gel nail polish is that you can take as long as you want for the nail art and it only dries when you cure it. I also like the nail powder a little bit better over gel nail polish, and most importantly, I wanted my polish to last until Halloween!

What do you need?

I used the following products:

How to make it

The first thing you want to start with is making a proper base for the spiderweb. I personally find that duochrome nail polish kind of has a spooky feeling. That’s why I choose to use duochrome nail powder. However, you can use whatever color you feel like or even leave out the nail powder. I also feel holographic nails would be awesome to start with! For my nails, I started with two coats of Masura black. After this, I continued with the Masura no wipe topcoat and cured it. The no wipe topcoat doesn’t have a sticky layer, but it is very sticky from itself. Buffing the nail powder in this topcoat will give a gorgeous mirror-like shimmer. The Essence powder is usually pink/white, but over black it turns into a purple/golden duochrome. It really is magical. I seal the powder in using the regular sensationail topcoat.

To create the spiderwebs, I went to pinterest and found the following tutorial:

You basically start with the diagonal lines and then paint the circular webs within. I stopped with step 7 because I found it looking more realistic than continuing to step 8. Instead of white, I used the black Masura polish. This results in a more sublte look.

I sealed everything in using the Sensationail topcoat, and that’s it!

Funfact: I definitely had a hard time trying to photograph this mani! The powder is so shiney and mirror-like, that it was impossible to capture the spiderweb! I personally really enjoy the duochrome effect in this nail art. It really gives those spooky halloween vibes!

Looking for more halloween inspiration? Also check out Essie’s Halloween collection and the new China glaze Halloween collection.

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  1. OMG I love that. I am a sucker for anything iridescent and love spiders too! So this is ideal! The guide makes it look kinda easy, but I have no art skills what so ever 😐

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