CND Holiday 2020 (Cocktail Couture)

This is probably going to be one of the last Christmas collections that I am posting! I am all out of new collections. It’s now time to decide which ones to get! I think CND is best known for their Shellac, but Vinylux is also quite popular. A lot of good salons are using CND over here. However, it is also pretty easy to get your hands on it yourself. I’ve shown you their fall 2020 collection, but now it is time for CND’s holiday 2020 collection called Cocktail Couture.

I was actually surprised that there already was a lot of information about this collection. Over here you can find a complete promotional video. The collection consists of 6 classic holiday shades. I’ve spotted a christmas green shimmer (she’s a gem!), a fuchsia creme (how merlot), a gold metallic (get that gold), a darker red (bordeaux babe), a pink shimmer (drama queen), and a red creme (devil red).

If you’re intestested in swatches, definitely check out this video over here.

Honestly, the shades are not groundbreaking and exactly the colors I would expect from a Christmas collection. But not everything is about me! I think a lot of people are going to be happy with this classic christmas collection!

I’ve already seen that the colors are for sale already, so if you want to be well-prepared for Christmas, this is your chance! The shades are both available in the Shellac formula and the Vinylux version.

Will I be picking up any of these shades? Probably not. CND is quite expensive over here and the colors are not unique enough in my collection. I really enjoy looking at the pictures though!

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