OPI Dressed to the wines (Holiday 2020)

This is my second and final pick from OPI’s Shine Bright Holiday 2020 collection. I love OPI reds, especially when they are a bit on the darker side. Plus I quite enjoyed the name, which is of course a reference to dressed to the nines and the wine color of this shade.

Swatch of OPI Dressed to the wines from the Shine bright holiday 2020 collection. This is a red metallic nail polish.

OPI dressed to the wines is a bordeaux red with a metallic finish. The finish is kind of old fashioned, it reminds me of the shades we had in the 90’s and the early 00’s. It has a silver shimmer throughout. I’ve seen a couple of swatches out there which turned into a streaky mess. On me, it was not that streaky, but I did my best to apply it with the least brush strokes as possible.

The polish was very pigmented. It took two coats to make it completely opaque but I was already impressed at one coat. When removing this polish, stay clear from the cuticle area. This will definitely give you red cuticles if you don’t pay attention.

Comparison of ILNP diablo, Essie Life of the party, Essie thigh high, OPI dressed to the wines, Essie Ace of shades, OPI muir muir on the wall and Essie ready to boa.

I expected I would find a ton of similar shades in my stash. However, I found that Dressed to the wines is quite unique in my stash. Dressed to the wines is darker and more purple than Essie thigh high. The shimmer in dressed to the wines is also different. In thigh high it’s red and in dressed to the wines it’s silver. It is quite difficult to see in the picture above but it is clear in real life.

OPI Dresssed to the wines compared to OPI Pompeii purple, OPI Deer valley spice, and OPI I’m not really a waitress

I’ve heard quite a few complaints from people that they don’t find the shine bright collection unique enough. However I tried to look back and find the most recent OPI dupe for this color. Turns out it is closest to Sleigh ride for two, which is from the Mariah Carey holiday 2013 collection. So dressed to the wines is quite unique unless you’re a longtime polish collector! I’ve also heard some speculation about that dressed to wines is close to OPI I’m not really a waitress. It definitely is not. I’m not really a waitress is much brighter.

All in all I am super happy with dressed to the wines. It’s a great shade for Fall but also for the Christmas season. I have a soft spot for these dark OPI reds, and I missed Sleigh ride for two (and some even older shades) so I am pretty glad I can pick up dressed to the wines.

Check out dressed to the wines over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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      1. Wow really! We have TK Maxx here in Scotland but only seen a lot of Essie, CG and a few other brands. No OPIs. I was in today. I will check again in a few days haha!

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