China Glaze Jollywood (Holiday 2020)

There is another new holiday nail polish collection spotted. Today it is China Glaze’s turn! They are releasing a 12 piece collection called Welcome to Jollywood.

Again, ont that much info is available, just a couple of promo pictures. However, it seems to be a collection filled with glitter and shimmer polishes.

The collection consists of the following colors: Celebri-Tree (a green glitter), Deck the malls ( a teal glitter), Famous Fir sure (a green metallic), Melrose Fireplace (a taupe metallic), Santa Monica Claus (red), Screen Vixen (a gold shimmer), Silent nightlife (a purple shimmer), Slay your line (a blue shimmer), Snow biz (grey glitter), Tinsel Town (a silver shimmer), Valet the sleigh (purple shimmer), Yule jewels (a red shimmer).

Looking for more information yourself? I have found them on this website (Not an affiliate link 😉

I think there are some very nice colors in this collection. I am really curious to see the first swatches.

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