China glaze fall 2022 (‘I don’t give a sip’)

I will admit, I’ve been in doubt whether I had to post the China glaze fall 2022 collection already or not. But given that so many of you are already interested in the OPI Fall 2022 and Essie Fall 2022 collections, I’ve decided to share this one too! Again, not a lot of information is available yet about this collection, just the names and one picture, but I think it is enough for a first impression.

The name of the China Glaze fall 2022 collection is going to be ‘I don’t give a sip’. The entire collection is going to be inspired by coffee! These are the six shades that are going to be released:

  • Caffeinated and motivated
  • Brew that
  • Coffee first, people later
  • Hug in a mug
  • Mocha mama
  • My Broomstick Runs On Coffee

When I had only seen the names of this collection, I was super excited about it. I absolutely love coffee! However, after seeing the picture I got really disappointed. It seems like we’re getting a lot of brown cremes! Of course, these pictures are not always accurate, but it’s difficult to look through that.

China glaze Halloween 2022 (‘Vain villains’)

Congrats if you made it until here in this post, because I have a little bonus for you! There is also going to be a China Glaze Halloween collection!

  • Deadly desire (It’s love at first bite. A crimson-colored, bloodthirsty treat drizzled with specks of diva dust that’s as tantalizing and delicious as all the objects of your desire. This is a red shimmer.)
  • Evil queen (A polish as pure black as the soul who fabulously flaunts it! This charcoal-colored lacquer lives for the mischievous misdeeds of all the sexy, scandalous spirits of the spooky season. This black polish dries matte.)
  • Once a witch, always a witch (Make all the ghosts and goblins green with pure envy when they feast their fiery eyes upon this spinetingling, lime-like lacquer fit for the wildest of wicked witches. This is going to be a neon lime.)
  • Rotten to the core (She may be one frightening femme fatale, but have you seen her killer couture collection? It’s too haute to handle. A blurple shimmer.)
  • Sinful soul (Why, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost. A toe-tally wicked, white-hot Halloween hue for tips and toes. Nothing is more of a treat than this stroke of pure, pale polish to trick all your unsuspecting victims. This white dries matte.)
  • Twisted sister (A perfect pop of fashion-forward fuchsia will add some frightful flair to your Spooktacular season, so don’t get it twisted. This is going to be a matte shade.)

This is the only picture I could find so far. It seems like three out of six shades are matte!

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