OPI Claydreaming (the only shade I bought from OPI’s fall 2022 collection)

Yep, I’m aware it’s spring and most people have moved on from all the fall and winter colors. However, I finally got my hands on a shade from OPI’s fall wonders collection. I’m so happy that I finally got this shade, that I’m still going to share it!

So a little rewind, OPI’s fall wonders collection was a very nice fall collection, inspired by all the colors of the earth. I was really in love with the entire collection, but upon closer inspection, I realized that I basically owned every single shade already. Except for one, Claydreaming.

Claydreaming is a brown-purple creme and the exact color is very difficult to describe. However, I wasn’t the only one that had their mind set on this color, because it was basically sold out within a couple of weeks. I’m not kidding when I say I literally waited months before this color came back in stock!

Fortunately for me, Claydreaming is just as wonderful as I initially thought. The formula was very easy to apply and was opaque in two easy coats. Indoors, the color looked mostly purple to me (like in the picture above), but outdoors it suddenly looked very brown. It’s a neutral, but yet it’s special enough not to get boring.

Essie Rooting for you vs OPI Claydreaming vs OPI Just lanai-ing around vs Essie Ferris of them all

As usual, I have a ton of comparisons for Claydreaming, but, spoiler alert, I actually didn’t find a good dupe. When I was wearing Claydreaming, it reminded me a lot of Essie’s Rooting for you. However, Rooting for you doesn’t contain any purple and is very clearly just a brown/red. It’s still a very pretty shade. The other two shades that popped up in my mind were OPI Just lanai-ing around and Essie Ferris of them all. However, both of them are very clearly too pink to be dupes for Claydreaming.

Essie Merino cool vs OPI Claydreaming

The comparison above was requested by someone on Instagram, and I can definitely see why Claydreaming would remind some people of Essie’s Merino cool. However, if you put Claydreaming and Merino cool next to each other, you very clearly see that Merino cool is cool-toned and contains much more grey than Claydreaming. Both shade definitely have very similar vibes though!


For me personally, Claydreaming was very much worth the wait. I’m so happy that I finally own it and it’s unique in my collection. For me personally, Claydreaming was the only must have of the fall wonders collection. However, I do think the entire collection was nice ánd I’ve seen a couple of them for a discounted price already. You can find my original post about the fall wonders collection over here if you’re still interested.

In terms of availability, Claydreaming is sold out in a lot of stores. However, if you’re located in the US, you’re lucky because you can still find it over here on Amazon (affiliate link) and it’s also still available over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link). On Beyond Polish you can use my discount code ‘NOAENAILS’ for 5% off.

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