Swatches of the new Essie Ferris of them all collection (for Summer 2021)

Essie Ferris of them all for Summer 2021

Yay! I got my hands on another new mysterious Essie Summer 2021 collection. I posted about this mysterious collection a while ago over here, but I will give a short recap in case you forgot! The collection is called “Ferris of them all”. Somewhere in May, four shades of this collection started popping up on the Boots UK website. A bit later, I found out that this is actually will be a nine-piece collection, of which only six will be released in Europe.

This is what Essie has to say about the shades:

amuse me! it’s all fun & games as you try to win me overmake no concessions.. you know i’m the ferris of them alllet it slide as ice cream and shout and enjoy some air spun fun! so throw your hands up and ride your luck because tonight the sky’s the limit… and i’m your main attraction!

The shades “Main attraction” (a metallic teal), “Let it slide” (a burnt orange), and “All fun & games” (a pastel yellow), won’t be released in Europe, but read further so see the swatches of the other shades!

All shades of the Ferris of them all collection, including the shades that will only be released in North America.

Essie Make no concessions

Swatch of Essie Make no concessions

The first one is Essie’s “Make no concessions”. This one has not been released in the UK (yet), but will be released in the US and the rest of Europe. It’s quite different from other Essie’s I have tried in the past. I would describe it as an orange/red with gold pearl shimmer, but it also seems to have some pink undertones. The shade is incredibly vibrant, and it almost seems difficult to see the color it really has. In a sense, it almost is the outlier in the collection, since all other shades seem to be a little bit dusty. When I was applying this shade, I did get some brushstrokes, so I would recommend not going over the same spot too many times. This is probably the sheerest shade in the collection. It still covered in two coats for me, but if you do really thin coats, you might need three.

Comparison of OPI PCH love song vs Essie make no concessions

I immediately knew I wanted to compare Essie’s “Make no concessions” to OPI’s new “PCH love song”. They are both orange nail polishes with a golden shimmer. My camera refused to capture the differences, but “PCH love song” is more orange and brighter, and “Make no concessions” is redder and pinker. The shimmer is also different: “PCH love song” seems to have a creme orange base with added shimmer, “Make no concessions” seems to be completely consisting of shimmer (does this make any sense?).

Essie Air spun fun

Swatch of Essie Air spun fun

This is the second shade that was not released in the UK: Air spun fun. This is a bubblegum/baby pink creme. Sometimes it seems to be a little bit dusty, sometimes it looks completely bright bubblegum pink. It is not the most unique pink in the world, but I already know that there are a lot of people that are going to love this one! The great news? It only required two coats for the coverage you see above! I was absolutely shocked about how great this one applied.

Comparison of Essie “Air spun fun” to Essence millennial pink, Essie Crop top and roll, OPI Tagus in that selfie, Essie kissed by mist and Essie excuse me sur

I just pulled out a random bunch of other light pinks. From all the baby pink shades I own, OPI “Tagus in that selfie” is probably closest to Essie “Air spun fun”. “Tagus in that selfie” is a bit warmer, but that is basically the only difference. Looking back at Essie’s previously released shades, I’m pretty sure they have released similar shades themselves. However, the formula of Air spun fun is great, and if you have the choice: pick this one!

Essie Ice cream and shout

Essie Ice cream and shout

You might already have seen some swatches of Ice cream and shout floating around somewhere on the internet. Ice cream and shout did already get released in the UK! It is a slightly dusty warm pink. Again, not the most unique color in the nail polish world, but a lot of people like these types of colors! I personally also really enjoy wearing it. I have no complaints, this shade covered nicely in two coats.

Essie Ice cream and shout vs Essie Flying solo

The shade “Flying Solo” popped immediately into my head when I saw “Ice cream and shout”. Both shades are very similar, the only difference being that Ice cream and shout is a little bit warmer. Both shades are nice, and both shades apply great, but you don’t really need them BOTH unless you like to have a backup or are really into these types of shades!

Essie Ferris of them all

Essie Ferris of them all

Ferris of them all is the namesake of the collection. It is a dusty purple pink with gold shimmer. I personally always love these types of shades. From the moment I saw the first promo pictures, I just knew this was going to be my favorite. It is different from other shades I have in my collection, yet it clearly has the “Essie DNA”. It would also be a great shade for fall, but honestly, you can wear this type of shade any time of year! My camera didn’t really pick up on the shimmer, but in real life, it is also very subtle. The formula was also incredible and covered nicely in two coats. The only downside is that it seemed to slightly stain my nails. After scrubbing a couple of times with acetone, it went away, but I definitely wouldn’t wear this one without a basecoat!

Essie Ferris of them all vs Essie Island hopping vs Essie Angora Cardi vs Essie Suits you swell

Ferris of them all fits right in with other favorites of my collection. “Island Hopping” and “Suits you swell” are more purple. “Angora Cardi” is closest, but also completely different at the same time, it is much darker. I kept having the feeling that I have seen a similar Essie shade somewhere, but maybe I am mistaking. If I do remember it, I will of course update this post (or you can leave a comment, if you know a shade like Ferris of them all!).

Essie Win me over

Essie Win me over

No Essie 2021 collection without a green (seriously Essie though, what’s up with all the greens lately?). I personally find these types of green easier to wear than brighter greens, and therefore it is a very welcome addition to my collection. The formula was also very nice and covered in two coats. Although I personally also wear these types of shade in summer, it doesn’t scream “summer” to me. I think it is a very good shade for transitioning from summer to fall, but I am definitely not ready for that yet!

Essie Cacti on the Prize vs Essie Precious cargo-go! vs Essie Win me over vs Essie Come on clover vs Essie off tropic

I was afraid “Win me over” would be very close to Essie Precious cargo-go! from the Expressie collection. It is close, but “Precious cargo-go!” is slightly more yellow and a bit darker. Maybe you’re also wondering how it compares to Essie’s Heart of the jungle from the Fall 2020 collection. Sadly, I don’t own that shade, but I think Win me over contains more white.

Essie Amuse me

Essie Amuse me

It is time for the last one that is going to be released in Europe, Essie Amuse me. “Amuse me” is a denim blue shade. It is slightly dusty like someone turned down the saturation slider. I’m trying to remember when the last time was we have seen a shade from Essie like this. The only shade that I remember is “Hide and go chic”, but that one was released back in 2014. Anyway, this is another shade that doesn’t necessarily scream summer to me, but it is a great choice for any time of the year. The formula was again very nice, the shade covered in two coats.

Essie Mezmerised vs Essie Juicy details vs Essie Amuse me vs OPI Mali-blue shore

Compared to the new Essie “Juicy details”, Essie “Amuse me” is dustier. Compared to OPI’s “Mali-blue shore”, it is darker. When I had already photographed these shades, I realized I forgot to include “Pret-a-surfer”, just for the record; that one is closer to Juicy details than to Amuse me. I honestly don’t think I own a shade like Amuse me!

Final verdict

Swatches of the Essie Ferris of them all collection for Summer 2021

I was really looking forward to getting my hands on this collection. It definitely did not disappoint. I like a bright polish occasionally for summer, but I like these dusty shades even more. I think there is a color in this collection for everyone, and that’s what I really like about it. Some shades definitely give me summer vibes while others might be great for the end of summer. The formulas of all these shades are also great, so honestly, you can’t go wrong with this collection!


The shades are listed on Amazon US over here (affiliate link).

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Also, people on Instagram reported that some CVS stores and Walgreens have all nine shades now!

Updated: One of my followers on Instagram explained to me what is going on with this collection and why some stores have nine shades and others only six: In North America, Essie has a salon line and a drugstore line. The drugstore line will feature all nine polishes, this is why you will find all nine shades at CVS and Walgreens. The salon line collection will only contain the six shades listed above.

Essie just confirmed that they are going to release all six shades that I’ve shown here in Germany too. I’ve ordered them myself from Boozyshop, which is a dutch website that ships to most countries in Europe.

6 thoughts on “Swatches of the new Essie Ferris of them all collection (for Summer 2021)”

  1. Dear Anouk,
    A thousand thanks for your detailed description of this collection. I am completely overwhelmed, because this is really a help in making a decision. That it becomes more and more difficult to find unique pieces with a rather large collection is quite natural, I think. On your nails I like all six colors, but I will wait until they come here in the stores and then look which color fits to me. “Ferries of them all” would also be my favorite, maybe the baby pink, too? Because I just realize in my monthly challenge that we do not have soooo many pink shades at all 😉
    Thanks again and many greetings from Cologne.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 I think Ferris of them all will definitly be a unique color in your collection! And honestly, I was surprised about the baby pink, I also really like it!

  2. Ferris of them All reminds me of “Stop, Drop & Shop”, but might be darker? Anyway, thank you so much for the swatches and the great comparison! I really love the whole collection, I am wondering if I can get my hands on it in Germany.

    1. A that’s a great one. They could indeed be very close, but I think “Stop drop and shop” is redder. I heard rumours that it might be available in August in Germany!

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