OPI Nature Strong (new line!)

OPI has released a new nail polish line called “Nature strong”. You can recognize this new line by the white cap, and the name “Nature strong” on the bottle.

OPI says it is their first nail polish from natural origin and provides 7 days of wear. The cap and bottle are made of 20 % recycled material, and the polish is vegan!

The line is going to consist of 30 new shades plus a new vegan topcoat. The new shades are going to be called:

  • Big bloom energy (a pink creme, bloom-colored according to OPI)
  • Onyx skies (black creme)
  • Cactus what you preach (cyan-green creme)
  • Achieve grapeness (purple shimmer)
  • A bloom with a view (ruby red creme)
  • Emflowered ( a darker pink creme)
  • Force of nailture (steel blue creme)
  • All heal queen mother earth (also a cyan-green creme according to OPI, but darker than Cactus what you preach)
  • Give a garnet (a red creme)
  • Down of a new gray (A warm slate gray creme)
  • A great fig world (A fig-colored dark purple creme)
  • It’s ashually OPI (ash-colored creme)
  • Knowledge is flower (cheerful pink creme)
  • A clay in the life (Clay-colored light pink creme)
  • Intentions are rose gold (metallic rose gold)
  • Eco-maniac (purple creme)
  • Let nature take its quartz (pale pink creme)
  • Thistle make you bloom (floral purple with shimmer)
  • Strong as shell (shell-white creme)
  • Spring into action (light purple creme)
  • Simply radishing (a subtle purple creme)
  • Shore is something! (A water-blue creme)
  • Right as rain (grey creme)
  • Raisin your voice (a shimmery purple)
  • Raindrop expectations (pale blue creme)
  • Once and floral (coral creme)
  • Natural mauvement (mauve pink creme)
  • Make my daisy (yellow creme)
  • For what it’s earth (a neutral pink creme)
  • We canyon do better (Pastel pink creme)

My opinion & Availability

Is it just me or is it a trend to make ‘conscious nail polish? First, Sally Hansen started it with their Good kind pure line and now OPI follows. I’m not mad about it, since more OPI colors = better, and even better when they are made from recycled material! I think there are definitely some gorgeous shades in the collection. I’m really drawn to the shimmers, but the cremes look interesting too. So far, I only ordered “Achieve grapeness”, but if I would have had all the money in the world, I would have bought them all. Achieve grapeness, is still on its way, so we have to wait a little while before I can show you swatches!

I ordered the shade from Polish Pick, the collection is available right now over there! About half of this collection is now listed on Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link), however, they are currently out of stock. On Amazon, they are available over here (affiliate link).

I’m not sure when these shades are going to be released officially in the rest of the world, but I really hope it will be soon!

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5 thoughts on “OPI Nature Strong (new line!)”

    1. This is actually a good question. I couldn’t find an answer, except for the generic ‘75% natural ingredients’ marketing stuff. I’ve tried one color now, and it just smells exactly like other OPI shades I own. So or OPI did a pretty great job at making it smell exactly the same as regular OPI polish, or they just used similar ingredients for the base but from ‘a natural source’. Hope this helps!

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