Essie Fall 2022 (‘Off the grid’)

It’s time today for Essie’s Fall 2022 collection. The season of fall collections has apparently officially begun! Essie’s new collection is going to be inspired by nature and hiking! This collection is all about earthy neutrals, as Essie calls them. This is what Essie says about the collection:

this fall, hang up the heels and hike it up… you’re going off the grid in style. you’re a fashion trailblazer so transcend the trend as you morph into a fearless force of nature. it’s risk-takers only and in this neck of the woods the looks are only getting bold & boulder. unparalleled hues wait for you to reach the climax…and trust us, you won’t look back!

The collection is going to consist of six new statement shades:

  • Transcend the trend (A muted teal-blue nail polish with yellow undertones and a cream finish)
  • Off the grid (A warm mushroom-brown nail polish with gray undertones and a cream finish)
  • Hike it up (A midtone, neutral tan nail polish with yellow undertones and a cream finish)
  • Bold and boulder (A deep burgundy-red nail polish with brown undertones and a cream finish)
  • Force of nature (A deep forest green nail polish with yellow undertones and a cream finish)
  • Risk-takers only (a vibrant orange with red undertones and a cream finish)
Essie fall 2022

There is not much more to tell about this collection yet, but the pictures definitely look promising! I’m really into the color ‘Force of nature’, and I’m personally definitely going to pick it up! All of Essie’s previous collections felt a bit ‘brown-heavy’ in my opinion, but I guess it fits the earthy vibe of this collection!

So far, the collection is only available on, but the collection will also soon be available on Amazon. Update: The collection is also available now on Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link, use my code NOAENAILS for 5% discount). In Europe, the collection is available on Amazon DE over here (affiliate link).

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6 thoughts on “Essie Fall 2022 (‘Off the grid’)”

  1. Hello again, Anouk!

    I am most interested in Hike It Up, Transcend the Trend, and Bold and Boulder. Hike looks like a nice palate cleanser. Transcend because, as I stated in my MT comment, I like muted for the fall. I also like muted colors in the spring over traditional pastels. But give me all the neon pastels for summer!! Lol! What intrigues me most about B & B, is its brown undertone. I hope that that will give a garnet look to the polish.

    I do like Force of Nature, but own OPI’s Front Runner. Forest green is quintessential fall!

    My favorite seasons for polish collections are spring and fall. What is/are yours?


    1. Hi again, Heather!
      My favorite season is definitely Fall! Normally, I’m wearing Fall shades in August already, but it might just be too hot this year!
      I really do like Force of Nature, but I understand that there are probably similar shades out there. I also really like Bold and boulder, but I already have so many like it that I probably won’t need a new shade like that ever again!

      1. I was at Walgreens today and they had the fall collection out already!! Of course I had to buy one. I ended up with hike it up, which some will just find as another boring brown lol, but I like nudes/neutrals as an easy manicure. Like you, I also don’t need another bold and bolder like shade, but it was tempting!

        1. Ahh wow, that’s so cool! Hike it up is a good neutral! I also don’t know if I would be able to resist Bold and boulder if I saw it in real life though!

  2. Did you get this collection yet Anouk?

    I bought enough Essie to earn two free Essies… so I got transcend the trend and bold and bolder (the color I said I had enough of- lol). I really like both of them and find bold to be unique to my other deep red shades. It pulls reddish brown next to those other reds.

    I did almost get force of nature instead, but after looking at it closely, it looks more olive green than forest green. I’d love to hear what you think when you get the shade!

    1. Ahh interesting! I don’t have it yet! I’m unable to find it in Europe right now, I think I need to have a little bit more patience, but I can’t wait to check these shades out!

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