Eco glaze: new plant-based China glaze ‘sister’

So if you’re into nail polish a bit longer, you will probably know that China Glaze and Salon Perfect are sister brands. Well, let me introduce you to a new sister brand in the line up: Eco Glaze.

Eco glaze is going to be China Glaze’s response to OPI’s Nature Strong and Sally Hansen’s Good. Kind. Pure. line. This means that Eco Glaze is going to be a completely plant-based line. I have talked about plant-based polishes a bit in this post before. I have mainly talked about how plant-based nail polish doesn’t necessarily mean that the shades are better for the environment, however, I appreciate the effort. Although I haven’t tried these Eco glaze shades yet, in general, plant-based nail polish applies similar to regular nail polish, they usually have a regular staying power but they might smell a bit different.

Well, let’s get into Eco glaze. Eco glaze is going to start with 40 new shades plus a new base coat and a new top coat. According to the information I found, they are formulated with Sugar Beet, Sugar Cane, Molasses, and Corn. The ingredients are up to 70% bio-sourced, they promise regular drying and lasting powers, and they promise that they will come in fashionable colors.

Because you’re probably just as excited as me, let’s get into the colors:

  • Byrd of paradise (a dark teal creme)
  • Misty wisteria (a greyed out blue creme)
  • Aloe stranger (a bright turquoise creme)
  • What so ferny? (a light blue creme)
  • Bud seriously (a denim blue creme)
  • Cool petal (a very dark blue creme)
  • Peony express (a grey creme with purple undertones)
  • Under the palms (a grey creme with yellow undertones)
  • Thistle be amazing (a greyed out purple creme with pink undertones)
  • Notice my lotus (a brown creme with purple undertones)
  • Magnolia muse (a greyed out light purple creme)
  • Violet breeze (a medium purple creme)
  • Gardenia dreams (a white creme)
  • Sweet petal (a very light pink creme)
  • Kind Camelia ( a slightly darker pink creme)
  • Count yr blossoms (A peachy pink creme)
  • Delicate daisy ( a nude pink creme)
  • Conscious Camelia (a light coral creme)
  • Bridal lily (a light creme pink)
  • Playful poppy (an orange creme)
  • Apricot of my life (a peach creme)
  • Stargazer michy (a darker peach creme)
  • Botanika (a strawberry pink shimmer)
  • Mountain flower (a red-pink creme)
  • Petunia bloom (a slightly muted fuchsia creme)
  • Fleur D’amour (a red creme)
  • Dolce dahlia ( a red-brown creme)
  • Deep roots (a dark brown shimmer)
  • Pot of marigold (a gold shimmer)
  • Willow u be mine (a medium brown)
  • Terrain or shine (a light brown creme)
  • Bella terra (an ochre yellow creme)
  • Edgy veggie (a light lime green creme)
  • Naturesque (a darker green creme)
  • Terra trails (an olive green creme)
  • Succu-tastic (a blue-leaning green creme)
  • Notice my lotus (a muted pink)
  • Blossomaire (a fuchsia shimmer)
  • Blossom buddies (a darker purple creme)
  • Spring posy (a brown shimmer)

As you can see, the collection is really going for this natural color palette with lots of cremes, but some shimmers. I have to admit, I’m really into these natural colors, and I’m glad they added lots of greens!

I’m not entirely sure when these shades are going to be available, or how much they are going to cost, but this is just my first update! In my opinion, it definitely looks very promising! What I did notice, is that it seems Eco Glaze is also planning on releasing seasonal collections. Their first display is for summer 2022 and is going to consist of the colors Stargazer michy, Playful poppy, Edgy veggie, What so ferny, Violet breeze, and Botanika.

Update: The shades are now available on Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link). You can use my code NOAENAILS for 5% extra discount.

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2 thoughts on “Eco glaze: new plant-based China glaze ‘sister’”

  1. Can’t you swatch the colors? Description and pics of the polish bottles are good, but typical. Swatches seal the deal.

    1. I completely agree with you! However, I live in Europe, and China Glaze (and Eco Glaze) isn’t sold here. So for the time being, I cannot show you any swatches. I might be able to purchase some colors from Polish pick, but it will be impossible to get my hands on all of them due to shipping restrictions! Definitely let me know which colors you are most curious about, so I can pick those up 🙂

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